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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Elizabeth!

My name is Elizabeth V, I’m 35, I mostly grew up in NE Ohio. I’ve lived in Norfolk since 2013, when my husband got stationed here for the Navy. We have one son, Edgar, who is a year and a half old. I started babywearing when Edgar was about 3 weeks old. I had heard about babywearing from friends who already had babies but my knowledge of the world of carriers was limited initially.
I started out with a moby wrap and a ring sling. Once I figured out the sweet spot with the ring sling I loved it! I love to use woven wraps and ring slings to carry my baby. I tried several SSCs at first but have found woven wraps to be most comfortable for me. All of the different fabric patterns and fibers really drew me into collecting wraps, they are so beautiful! I usually have an extra wrap with me and I love to show people how to wrap and help others be more comfortable with it. 
Babywearing has been a great tool for me to snuggle my Velcro baby, get things done around the house and be able to run errands without my cumbersome large stroller! I like practicing new carries at home and have mostly learned from watching YouTube tutorials and practicing with friends or at home. My biggest challenge with babywearing was getting confident at back carries especially feeling like I was getting baby high enough. My favorite carries are HJBC and RRRR, though I’m currently trying to learn some ring and fancy finishes.
For others interested in babywearing and learning how to wrap, I always tell people you can do it, it just takes practice! There’s nothing wrong in starting with shorty carries either, sometimes a shorty wrap is less intimidating than starting with your base size. For example my base is a 7 but my favorite length to work with is a 3 or 4. No matter what your size, you can do carries with any length wrap! 
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The Best Seat in the Stadium

The Best Seat in the Stadium

The leaves are falling, the air is getting crisper and Sundays are a little different now. That’s cause it’s football season! If you’re used to bringing baby along for the adventure why would a big event like a football game or even a concert be any different? Babywearing allows mom’s and dad’s to still enjoy fun activities they have always loved while still keeping little ones close, as long as some safety guidelines are kept in mind.

For many parents loud noise like that of a football game, concert, or even a parade is the first concern. Irreversible hearing loss can be caused by exposure to even a small amount of loud noise. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that 15 minutes of exposure to noise over 100 decibels can begin to damage hearing. Hearing protection is key when noise is in the cards, luckily your little can just look like a little rockstar with some sweet noise canceling earmuffs! There are many brands and and price ranges out there from $7.99 to around $49.00.

Although the summer heat is fleeting, not as fast as we would like, it is still a concern when thinking about babywearing at big events. In any normal environment bodies create heat, add another body, as well as an extra layer of fabric and you’ve got yourself a furnace. Companies like Lillebaby and Ergobaby kept that in mind when designing some of their carriers with mesh backing to allow more air flow. Personal preference, venue, duration time and even your child are all factors to consider when choosing the kind of carrier to use. There are woven wraps in blends such as linen, silk, bamboo or hemp with cotton that tend to be more on the airy side. Buckle carriers and mei tais have a small advantage due to the sides of the body being exposed.

Appropriate clothing is another factor in comfort for both parent and baby. Keep in mind the weather, carrier type and your natural body heat when selecting clothing. Thinking of the carrier as a whole layer of clothing in itself is a way to avoid overdressing. While it may be tempting to leave baby in just a diaper for super hot weather, such is not a good idea due to discomfort from wet skin to skin contact. It is also important to keep mom and baby well hydrated and to take breaks out of the carrier when necessary.
Sun protection just as important in the winter months as it is in summertime for our littles. Many blankets, hats, and clothes are produced now with upf 50 ratings, and come in handy when wearing very young babies. Young or old it is important to keep applying sunscreen as recommended.

Keeping these points in mind allow your little ones to enjoy everything life has to offer, all from the best seat in the house!