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Chapter Support Volunteers (CSV)

14470656_10154702527494258_4504169989135036995_nAshlee B has been Babywearing since February 2016. “My first carrier was an Ergo Galaxy that I found as a great deal while I was pregnant! My favorite carrier is still a Soft-Structured Carrier because it distributes my son’s weight perfectly every time without much effort, which greatly helps my bad back, knees, and hips. Babywearing has helped me the most by creating an environment where I can keep skin contact with my son and even nurse on-the-go while cleaning the house, cooking, or walking around anywhere. My strengths are definitely mostly in SSC’s over all others because I love them all, but I also love wrapping! My most challenging part of Babywearing so far has been learning to back wrap with a woven wrap. I am still learning to overcome this challenge by coming to meetings, working at it, and watching videos to learn new tips and tricks every day!”


Ashley B has been babywearing since November 2015. “My first carrier was a stretchy wrap I bought from etsy called a womb wrap which doubled as haramaki prenatal support belly band and then was perfect for me as I could tie it all in place and then just pop him in. My friends would probably say ring slings are my favorite because they always see me with one, and it is my favorite for quick trips and short wears but I love wovens for their versatility and comfort. Wearing has been crucial for me as we worked hard to establish our breastfeeding relationship. It helped me to confidently feed him wherever and whenever necessary. When it comes to babywearing I am willing to try anything once. I think this is my strength. It has allowed us to experiment and figure out what works for me and what works for the little. The initial challenge for me with wearing was understanding all the options that are out there. When I was just casually learning about babywearing it seemed like all the sites implied that 7 would be my base. So initially I didn’t know wraps came larger than a 7. I struggled until figuring out different carries/tying options and that I could buy an 8 or even a 9. Now I just need to find a way to fund all the wovens on my wish list.”

Cheyanne I has been babywearing since July of 2014. “The first carriers that I used were my marley woven wrap and a rainbow woven ring sling. My favorite carrier is my Tula because for me it is the fastest and easiest carrier that I can get right and not hurt my back or shoulders. Babywearing has saved my sanity the most. I watched my sister with twins babywearing, and I saw how much it helped her do everything. I knew I would need the help of babywearing when my child arrived. Babywearing helps me while I am home alone with the baby. I am able to do all of the chores around the house and I’m even able to go shopping easily. My strengths are being able to help new and expecting families find the help they need the most and giving tips to help make their days of babywearing easier. What challenges me the most are front carries because of my hip problems. Back wrapping is hard for me as well because I can’t get my arms reach high enough to get a good seat. I have worked on overcoming this challenge by finding ways to help myself get the seat correct by doing a little hop and sometimes I even ask for help from other educators.”
17022003_1411128502239045_512433862181418940_nElizabeth V started babywearing in February 2015 when her son was about 3 weeks old. “I started out with a moby wrap and a ring sling. Once I figured out the sweet spot with the ring sling, I loved it! I tried several SSCs at first but have found woven wraps to be most comfortable for me, I love the versatility of wrapping. My strengths are wrapping and ring slings. Babywearing has been a great tool for me to snuggle my Velcro baby, get things done around the house and be able to run errands without my cumbersome large stroller! My biggest challenge with babywearing was getting confident at back carries especially feeling like I was getting baby high enough. I like the challenge of learning new carries, so I improved my wrapping skills by practicing regularly.”

16991988_10158167434250184_321291678702792988_oHallie S started babywearing in May of 2014 after the birth of her baby boy! “My very first carrier was a Maya Wrap Ring Sling and I was hooked. My favorite carrier would have to be a SSC just because I feel like I have more stability for a wriggling toddler and its easy to get him up quickly. Babywearing has helped me bond with my son while dealing with PPD and now is helping me be a mom to both of my kids while Daddy is away. I dont think I have any babywearing strengths just yet as everytime I wear either of my children its another opportunity to learn and improve. The most challenging aspect of babywearing for me was back wrapping my son. Lots and lots of tears and quitting just to go back and try again. I am happy I never gave up because it was an amazing sense of accomplishment to finally get it.”

Jessica Z has been babywearing since her son was 2 days old. “We had an urgent cardiologist appointment so we had to be discharged in quite a rush. I was able to wear him at that appointment and it really helped because I was a ball of emotions! My very first carrier was given to me by a friend and it was a Moby wrap. Perfect for newborn wearing! However my most favorite carrier is the Lilibaby. It is super comfortable and it can be worn so many different ways that are safe for baby. Babywearing has helped me by just being convenient. Working full time and keeping a household is tough and babywearing helps me get things done as soon as I get home and baby feels attached to me as well giving us both comfort. My strengths are most definitely soft structured carriers. I feel the most comfortable in them and I love showing new mommas how to use them and make it comfortable for them too! The most challenging part of babywearing is learning a new position in a carrier and or wrap. My toughest challenge was the back carry. It took me so long to gain confidence to wear him without my husbands help! But now we back carry like a champ!”

Joe M started Babywearing in November 2013. “My first carrier was a Maya Wraps ring sling. My favorite carrier is still a ring sling. I like the quick up and downs and how easy they are to use once you get past the initial learning curve. Babywearing has helped me bond with my son; I’m at work most of the day and wearing him when we are out and about or at nap times helps me reconnect with him. My Babywearing strength is that I learn quickly and am able to quickly adapt to new carriers/carries. The most challenging aspect of Babywearing has been my sons wearing “strike.” I’ve found it easiest to just be patient with him and to try a few different carriers as sometimes he would just rather be in the Onbu rather than the ring sling.”

16807063_10102139756477973_6688965153343412237_nKaitlinL has been babywearing since March 2014 when her first son was born. “We started with a Baby K’Tan stretchy wrap and fell in love with babywearing! My son had severe reflux and some feeding intolerances that made him super fussy when not held. Babywearing allowed me to meet his needs and get things done around the house, or even just eat a meal. When my second son was born, babywearing became even more of a necessity; I needed to keep up with my busy toddler! My favorite carriers are woven wraps; I love their versatility and trying all the different kinds. I’m knowledgeable about wrapping and SSCs. My biggest babywearing challenge has been working with my wild and sometimes non-cooperative wearees, but I’ve learned some great tricks along the way.” 


14333569_10209249980959347_1256700183901090408_nNicole L has been babywearing since February 2016. “My first carrier was a moby wrap that I bought on clearance! My favorite carrier (so far) is my lime woven wrap because It was a very generous gift and I have been able learn so many different carries with it. I think one of my strengths in babywearing is spreading the word about the benefits of it, many people ask me about my wraps and I’m happy to assure them their baby is highly unlikely to fall out if they try it. My favorite challenge in babywearing was back carrying in a woven. Its so exciting for both of us for him to have the best seat in the house!”

Paul C has been babywearing since February 2015. His first carrier was a moby wrap. Paul’s favorite carrier is his beloved Mei Dai. Babywearing has helped him the most by helping his baby go to sleep while he codes or plays video games. His biggest strength when it comes to babywearing is making is totally ok for anyone to just pick up and learn a new carrier. Learning to be open to new types of carries has been one of the most challenging aspects to babywearing for him.
16905079_1879273492357904_4243334768278220812_oVeronica V first attempted to babywear in Summer 2012 with her second daughter, but successfully started wearing full time in 2014, right before her son’s first birthday. “I’ve since worn him and my youngest daughter.My first carrier was a gently used SSC I had purchased from a friend, my collection of styles and types of carriers has grown since. In my experimentation of different carrier types, I’ve learned that I like SSC best, specifically the meh dai. They are much more comfortable on my back and and I feel more in control or the carrier when wearing them as opposed to slings or wraps. Babywearing has been immensely helpful. Not only does it bring my closer to my younger children, but as a mommy of 4, I find I can do things I couldn’t really do while holding my kids. It also have given me a more sense of freedom since I now do more outdoor activities with my family without worrying if I have the right equipment to travel with. I always keep a carrier in the car! I believe SSC’s are my strongest subject since its what I’ve used longest and learn quickest. It’s given me confidence to learn how to use new styles and types of SSCs, and I love showing my fellow mommy friends how easy it is to wear their babies. My most challenging has definitely been wrapping, I have learned and gotten the hang of basic carries, thanks to groups like ours, BWIofHR.”
Zee H has babywearing since September 2015. “The first carrier I ever used was the Boba wrap. My favorite carrier is a woven wrap because it provides me with many carry options. Babywearing has helped me multitask and keep my little one close. So far I feel confident in the wrapping department, I’m working on the SSCs. The most challenging thing about baby wearing for me was getting my daughter on my back. I was initially scared to “superman” her onto my back. I went to a meeting and got some great advice and help. I was determined to back carry so… here we are…shes on my back any opportunity I get.”

Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE)

Amy B started babywearing in May 2011. “My first carrier was a Moby that I used as soon as my son weighed 5 lbs. My favorite carrier is a woven wrap because of its versatility, but I love all carriers depending on the circumstance. Babywearing has helped me in so many ways. My first was colicky and demanded constant carrying, babywearing made that easier. It’s also made chasing a 3 year old with a newborn possible. I would say my strengths are wrapping and soft structured carriers. The most challenging for me was wrapping, but lots of practice and tips from VBEs has helped.”

Anne D has been babywearing since August 2013. “I began my babywearing journey when my daughter was a few days old. I had serious and rare postpartum complications. A dear friend who was an experienced babywearer came to my home and taught me how to use my carriers. She was a lifesaver! We started with a Moby wrap and a pouch sling. Babywearing allowed me to hold and care for my baby during those tough early days. Eventually, we went on to try other carriers. My preference leans more towards woven wraps and ring slings. Although, I have experience with SSCs and Onbuhimos. Babywearing has allowed my husband and I to travel and continue our active lifestyle with our daughter. Now, I volunteer to share the babywearing love and pay forward the help that was given to me.”

Brittany M has been babywearing since October 2013. “My first carrier was a boba wrap, then shortly after a boba 3G soft structured carrier. My favorite carrier is a ring sling because it is quick and easy for ups, downs, and naps. Babywearing has helped me most by allowing me to get back out and about which helped me feel like my old self again. My strengths are wraps and ring slings. The most challenging thing for me was wrapping and with practice and a lot of determination, I overcame it.”

Christine M been babywearing since November 2014. “I fell in love with babywearing on vacation in 2008 watching a random mom in a park wrap her baby, so once I was pregnant I bought a used Moby and registered for an Ergo 360. They were great but I wanted to learn more so I came to a BWIofHR meeting when my son was 4 months old. My favorite carriers vary for the task I need to do. Ring slings are so convenient for quick tasks, soft structured carriers are an easy way to get baby up for grocery trips and walks, and woven wraps are amazing for support, artistry, and skill. I consider babywearing one of the top parenting tools I have. It keeps my son safe, happy, and close, it fosters a strong nursing relationship, and it is the best thing I can do if I have a tired toddler who needs a nap. I also find that the pride I have in successfully completing a new wrap carry helps me overcome my shyness and some of my body image issues. Simply put, I feel happier and smile bigger when wearing my kiddo. My biggest challenge has been mastering back carries with a woven wrap, but now that I’m becoming more confident with it I’m planning to become a VBE soon so that I can help other moms and dads feel the babywearing confidence too.”

Concha M has been babywearing since November 2013. My first carrier was a ring sling, there was a bit of a learning curve initially, but once a VBE at the first meeting I attended showed me how to use it it was my go-to carrier my son’s first year. My current favorite carrier is a woven wrap. My son is not very patient and has only started really enjoying being wrapped the last couple of months. When he doesn’t have the patience for a wrap, we use a Mei Tai. When my son was born we had a lot of trouble breastfeeding. Babywearing helped us to establish and maintain our breastfeeding relationship as I was able to easily feed him whenever and wherever we were. My main strength is with a Mei Dai but I am finding I use wraps more often and am getting to be more confident with them as my son gets older. Wrapping has definitely been a challenge. My son has always been very wiggly and he easily pops his seat in most carries. As he has gotten older, he is much more patient and I have found that making sure he has a toy to play with while wrapping him keeps him busy. I’ve also found I have to keep moving as he is very curious and likes to people watch. If I stop for too long he gets frustrated and wants down so he can explore by himself. Babywearing can be challenging at times, but seeing my son happy and relaxed (or completely passed out) in his carrier makes all the practice worth it.

Donna C has been babywearing since February 2015. “I came to my first Babywearing International meeting while I was still pregnant. I was so happy to practice using a ring sling with a floppy beanbag baby before attempting it with a floppy newborn baby. Our first carrier was a DIY tablecloth shortie in a front rebozo carry. That wrap is still in heavy rotation with us now, we use it in a simple hip carry, Half Jordan Back Carry, or wrapped around us like a shawl to keep the wind off. My favorite carriers are woven wraps because they are so versatile and flexible. My go-to carrier is a Mei Dai to quickly toss my baby up in the front or in the back, for shopping, nursing, or napping. I love that they can be an inexpensive option that fits a variety of needs. I love that they are multitaskers and able to fulfill many different needs. I became more confident in my parenting choices as a result of wearing my baby. You can’t help but be visible when there’s a baby strapped to your body, so I wear my baby with pride and delight. When I first started wearing my baby out in public, I struggled with feelings of self consciousness and fear of criticism. Thanks to the wonderful babywearing community and VBEs who helped me wear my baby safely and comfortably, I overcame my uncertainty and I am 100% confident it’s the right fit for me and my baby.”

Jacquie B has been babywearing since August 2013. “My first carrier was a Moby wrap, which I quickly traded for a Baby K’Tan. My favorite carrier is Soft Structured Carrier because it is quick and easy. Babywearing has help me in so many ways but most I can keep baby close while still having my hands free to get things done. My strengths are using Soft Structured Carrier because we use it every day! My most challenging aspect of babywearing for me is wrapping, I am overcoming it by practicing all the time! Practice makes progress!!!”

Jade P has been babywearing since 2012. “My first carrier was a Moby Wrap. Although in each situation one carrier type may be better than others, I find woven wraps suit me best in most situations. I am able to customize wraps to provide the best support for my body. In my nine months of babywearing, my husband has been gone for two-thirds of them. Babywearing has provided me with the tools necessary to get through each day, such as hands to clean or cook with or a tool to make naps happen. When it comes to babywearing, I feel I’m most comfortable with wrapping. The biggest challenge I find with babywearing is getting everything just right the first time. I tend to go back and take out slack or spread passes after the job is done. Plenty of practice is helping me overcome this issue.”

f912c-rochelleRochelle W started babywearing in October 2014. “My son was late preterm, tiny, and had to be held all the time and I desperately needed a solution that would allow me the use of both hands. My first carrier was a Moby. After some research I came across the Moby as being the best for small babies and decided to give it a try, figuring it couldn’t hurt. My favorite carrier/carry has changed to accommodate my needs and as my son has gotten older but currently I am all about woven wraps. I like the versatility of them and I have found that it’s really the one thing that keeps my kid still (assuming I can get him up in the first place). Babywearing has helped me maintain closeness with my growing little person. There is also the added benefit that it keeps my runner from running off. I think my strength when it comes to babywearing is SSC’s. They are what I have the most experience with. The most challenging aspect of babywearing has been woven wraps. There are more components to wrapping than SSC’s and I’m just beginning to figure it out. Consistent practice to become familiar with the different carries has helped me overcome the challenges.”

14264182_10154120462452881_2138436299859622648_nStephanie C-M has been babywearing since her oldest was born in May 2004. “My first carrier was a Maya Wrap ring sling, and second was my husband’s Baby Bjorn front pack. It is hard for me to pick one favorite style of carrier because they each serve a useful purpose, but if pressed, my favorite is a ring sling. Ring slings are perfect for tiny newborns and also for big toddlers who need to be up and down frequently. Ironically, learning to use a ring sling properly was probably my biggest challenge! It was quite a long learning curve for me, and it finally *really* clicked after getting some great pointers from babywearing educators, years after I had started to teach myself. One of my strengths is working with new caregivers to help them get comfortable with using their carriers. Babywearing has been most helpful to me by letting me meet the needs of multiple children at once. Wearing a newborn and learning to breastfeed in a carrier enabled me to keep up with my active toddler and school aged kids, and keep us all happier. Babywearing is one of my favorite parenting tools and I love to share the skill with others.”