Babywearing of Hampton Roads

Keeping caregivers and children close since 2013

Meet Our Board!

President: Jessica Z.

JessicaJess is the board president for BWHR and has been wearing her babies for 4 years. She enjoys using the convenience of SSC’s to help get her kids around from one place to another. She first came to BWHR to learn the ins and outs of wearing and to meet other new-to-wearingcaregivers in the area.

Director of Operations: Marc M.

MarcMarc is the director of operations for BWHR and has been wearing for 3.5 years. He prefers using Asian style carriers with bigger kids in an Onbuhimo and babies in a Meh Dai carrier. His favorite part of wearing is that it helps to facilitate a bond between working caregivers and the children they look after. After moving to Hampton Roads in 2017, BWHR was the first community he sought out outside of work.

Secretary:  Position Now Open

Librarian: Sara N.

SaraSara is BWHR’s librarian and has been wearing for over 5 years now. She prefers SSCs, ring slings, and wraps but chooses based on the situation at hand. Now that kids are older, child preference decides which carrier gets used most, which lately has been an SSC. She likes how wearing creates a safe and comfortable space for her kids to observe the world around them. When they were younger, naptime was usually spent in a carrier. She came to BWHR because she’s a kinesthetic learner and was having trouble getting a ring sling comfortable. BWHR has provided access to carriers she never would’ve had access to otherwise, and the community has become a second family. Her youngest is very particular about which carrier he goes up in, so having the library access allowed them to try out multiple carriers without spending money buying something he’d most likely refuse.

Director of Education: Elyse M.

53369487_2498569523551072_6655347834298040320_nElyse is the director of education for BWHR. She started wearing her first child in 2015 in a stretchy wrap, and has since greatly expanded her wearing abilities and passion for helping others to keep the children they care for close. She regularly uses ring slings, SSCs, and wraps, but occasionally uses an Onbuhimo or Meh Dai as well. She uses a carrier for most morning naps for her youngest, for hands-free nursing, for getting groceries and running errands without grabby preschooler hands, and for getting chores completed around the house. She searched for a local babywearing group even before moving to the area in 2017, and was excited to keep learning and having a community to help her wear her then-toddler as she was expecting a baby soon after. She loves that the BWHR community can, if desired, become a second family.

Director of Volunteers:  Position Now Open