Babywearing of Hampton Roads

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When/Where are the meetings?
Meetings are the first Saturday in Virginia Beach, the second Saturday on the Peninsula,  and the third Friday on the Southside. All upcoming events can be found here:


What happens at meetings?

The first 30 minutes of the meeting are for lending library returns and to allow people to arrive & meet people. After a brief welcome, the educators will give a Babywearing 101 demonstration for each basic carrier and then break off into different sections of the room. Guests can then choose which carrier(s) they’d like help with and go to that section. This is also when the lending library opens for check outs. The lending library closes 20-30 minutes before the end of the meeting and we try to get a group picture before asking that everyone help us do a quick cleanup of the room.


What is membership? How does it work? Do I have to be a member to attend meetings?
All of our regular meetings are free & open to the public. Membership dues support volunteer, nonprofit babywearing education. General membership is $30 for one calendar year which helps us purchase carriers for our lending libraries and pay for various needs for our group.  With membership, you gain access to our lending libraries (11 carrier rentals/year), receive special member discounts, and invitations to special member-only sessions. You can join online at . After submitting the form, make sure you also submit the Paypal payment located beneath the form. Please bring a copy or screenshot of your Paypal receipt to the first meeting you attend after joining.

What kind of carrier should I buy?

There are pros & cons to each type of carrier, so it really depends on what interests you and your needs. Attending one of our meetings will give you the opportunity to see & try different types of carriers. 

What SSC should I buy?

Soft structured carriers are like jeans. Everyone will have a personal preference for fit & cost. You can find SSCs from $30 to well over $100. We have several different brands of SSCs in our lending libraries which can be borrowed by members. Trying different SSCs before purchasing one can really help you find which one will work best for you.

Do I need a standard or infant sized carrier?

It is really important, especially with infants, to make sure the carrier properly fits the child. With SSCs, please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. A carrier that is too large for your infant will not provide adequate support to keep the baby positioned safely. We do not recommend purchasing a carrier that is too large for your child at their current size/weight.

How do I wash the carrier I borrowed from the lending library?

General use of the carrier does not constitute washing.  Spit up, a diaper accident, food, and sickness are examples of reasons to launder a carrier.  Please do not wash soft structured carriers.  Contact your area rep for instructions if you feel that the SSC needs attention.  If, while in your possession, the carrier your borrowed needs to be laundered, please follow the below instructions:
1) Machine wash on delicate cycle, low spin, with cold water.
2) Wash the carrier alone.
3) Use only a liquid detergent that contains no brighteners or scents.
4) Do not use vinegar, oxyclean, fabric softener (this includes dryer sheets) or spot removers.

If you are not comfortable washing the carrier, please contact your Area Representative to arrange drop off 48 hours in advance of the next meeting. They can be reached at:;;;

This information is also included on the handout you received when checked out the carrier.

What is my base size?
A base size is the smallest size that allows you to do a variety of multi-pass carries, like a double hammock back carry or a front wrap cross carry. A wrap in your base size gives you a lot of flexibility in learning different carries. There is some personal preference involved, also. People who like long tails may prefer a longer base size. Whereas, people who don’t like tails may prefer a shorter base size. Your base size also increases as your child grows. Here is an excellent table that breaks down what carriers can be done with different wraps:

How do I break in my wrap?

The best way to break in a wrap is simply by using it as often as possible. Washing, drying, using wool dryer balls, steam ironing, braiding, running the wrap through sling rings, sleeping on top of it, & even sitting on it are other ways to speed up the process. Please do NOT use fabric softener and make sure you follow the care instructions as some fibers and blends require special care. Not all of these methods will be suitable for every wrap.