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What’s Your Favorite baby carrier?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to baby carriers. 
What do our friends around Hampton Roads like? 
Soft structured carriers are super popular!
Stephanie loves SSCs because they are comfortable for everyone involved.

Look how content Sandra and her little one are!

Michael loves the SSC with his newborn.

Leslee says that the SSC is her go-to carrier!

Meg and her son are super happy in their SSC! 
Woven Wraps are another favorite around the seven cities!

Bobbie incorporates rings while wearing her woven wraps.

Brandi enjoys a short wrap for super hot days.

Brittany is a fan of how versatile woven wraps are!

Yessenia loves how cushy wraps are on her shoulders and baby just loves the comfort.
Ring slings are especially popular for newborn snuggles!

Leslee loves the ring sling!

Jamie says that her sling is her savior for being hands free with a new squish.
And we love mei tais too!!

Sarah and her little one are rocking this mei tai!
So, what is your favorite carrier? Let us know in the comments! 

Happy Babywearing! 

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Carry of the Month: Bei Dai/Meh Dai , Front and Back Carry

Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. For the back carry, please make sure your infant has adequate head control and that your carrier is not too big for your infant.

We’re still seeing more and more new faces at our meetings and we couldn’t be happier! So we thought we’d come back to a basic carrier tutorial for the carry of the month to help out some of our new members. The Bei Dai/Meh Dai is a carrier consisting of a body panel and four straps. It can be used from birth and can be used for big toddlers and preschoolers as well! You can use it for front, back and hip carries. This tutorial just features the front and back carry. Don’t have a Meh Dai? Make sure to come to a meeting and lend one from our library!

Meh Dais have a lot of variations in straps, and shape and size of the body panel. So if you have questions about your meh dai, make sure to comment or email me your questions!

Front Carry

Dana is using her awesome, reversible Nuzzle Me Creations meh dai. For her baby, she had to “apron” the  meh dai first. This simply means that she is putting it on like an apron so that it will shorten the body. You can roll the waist once more if you have a smaller infant and need to shorten the body even more. Dana’s meh dai is a classic tie waist so she simply double knots it at her natural waist. This is important as it keeps your baby at a safe, kissable level. If you have a newborn or a younger infant, you may want to attach the carrier right under your bust. 
You can see in the first picture how the carrier has been shortened by apronning it. Dana then put the straps over her shoulders and slips her son into the carrier, pulling the top of the body up to his shoulders. Her son is old enough to spread his legs and have his legs completely out of the carrier. We recommend legs out in most carriers but if your meh dai seems a bit too wide, you can simply take a rubber band or tie a ribbon around the base of the carrier to make it a bit narrower. If your newborn seems a bit unhappy with their legs out, feel free to froggy their legs into the carrier but make sure the weight is on their bottom and not on their legs, feet or ankles.
With one hand on your baby’s back, reach behind for the straps and cross them. Make sure there are no twists! Twists can cause pressure on your  back and make it quite uncomfortable. When you have reached your first strap and brought it to the front, you can store it between your legs as if you were wrapping so you can safely reach for the second one. You’ll want to make sure you pull nice and tight so that baby’s body is close to yours.
There are a couple of ways to tie off but this is the simplest and most basic way to do so. Bring the straps over baby’s back, cross and bring them under baby’s legs. You can do a twist or two at baby’s butt here if you’d like.
Last step is to simply tie in the back and double knot!

Back Carry

 This is a pretty good example of a meh dai waist strap variation! This is a waist with some sling rings attached to it! You’ll see it’s threaded just like a ring sling is. You can check out our ring sling post to see how it’s been threaded. Now Jade is not doing any aproning with this but she is still attaching the carrier at her natural waist. It keeps baby nice and high on her back.

Jade chose a hip scoot to get her baby on her back. You can do your santa toss or however you feel comfortable getting your baby on your back. Our ruck post can help if you have questions about how to do that! Jade is grabbing for the body of the meh dai but at the same time she is pinning her baby’s legs with her arms to keep a hold of her. It’s ideal to grab for the body right where the top straps are so the you can pull it right up and over baby’s butt. 
To seat your baby, grab the straps and hop gently to sink your baby into the carrier. It’s important that the body of the carrier is high enough on your baby’s back before standing up and hopping.You’ll then pull the straps over your shoulders so you can finish off.

Jade is finishing off very simply. Bringing the straps right back under my arms, crossing them over her baby’s bottom and bringing them under her legs. You can do a twist here as well if you’d like but it’s not necessary.

Again, simply double knot at your waist and you’re finished! If you’re feeling more advanced, you can add a chest belt like a tied tibetan finish.

Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials! Here’s Jade’s tutorial for a back carry in a  meh dai!