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Tips to get the most out of meetings

So you wanna come to a Babywearing International of Hampton Roads meeting? Here are some awesome tips to help you get the most out of our meetings!

Don’t be late! Double check meeting times on our Facebook pages as they can vary from time to time. Being on time means getting as much meeting time as possible to take advantage of the library, educator help and a chance to socialize!

Return carriers on time to avoid late fees! Carriers are due within the first 30 minutes of meetings. It’s important to have these carriers return before or within that time frame so that they can be properly inspected and checked out by another member. Late fees will be charged after the 30 minutes is up. It’s $5 if it is not returned the day of the meeting and $1 per day after. If you cannot return a carrier on time, please contact your area representative to arrange a drop-off.
Water only and no snacks! While we are aware children can get hungry and need snacks, it’s important to keep our donated spaces clean and tidy. We also have noted allergies among members so to keep everyone safe, it’s important that most snacks stay out of the meeting space. 
Take advantage of our stations! Each meeting there are carrier stations with demo carriers and educators to assist you. Feel free to have a seat in one of those stations to either watch or ask questions. It’s also a great opportunity to shadow an educator if you desire to become an educator for BWI of HR in the future!
Make sure to check in at the door! When you walk in, a volunteer will be there to greet you and ask you to sign in. This sheet provides us information on attendance. You’ll also notice two boxes; the hold harmless and photo release. The photo release simply gives us the okay to photograph you. All of the photos taken at the meeting are for blog posts and social media purposes only. If you decide you wouldn’t like your photo posted anywhere online, please let those with a camera know that you would not like your photo taken and remember to stand out of the group photo taken at the end of the meeting.  The hold harmless means that BWI of HR is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during a meeting.
Make sure to RSVP online! Once you see the events posted online, either on our Facebook page or Facebook group, make sure to RSVP. This helps educators prepare for the size of meetings. Let us know if you have any special requests before a meeting as well. An educator most comfortable with your request can comment and plan to meet up with you for a one on one experience!
Make yourself comfortable! Meetings are a very relaxed environment. Parents and caregivers of all kinds are welcome as well as older siblings. Don’t be afraid to socialize and make new friends, introduce yourself to someone new, or try new things at meetings. It’s a good reminder to dress in layers for meetings as the spaces can vary in temperature, bring water, and any carriers you may have questions about. 

    We certainly hope this list was helpful and we can’t wait to see you at our next meeting!

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    January Recap

    It is a new year and we started it off with a bang! 

    Babywearing International of Hampton Roads held our monthly Virginia Beach meeting on January 3rd. We had a great turn out of new and seasoned baby wearers. We had a wonderful attendance of 72 adults, children, volunteers and educators present! We welcomed 4 first time attendees and 3 new BWI members this month. We owe a huge thank you to our volunteers! Thank you to Katie H, Yessenia A, and Joe and Concha M. Our meetings flow so much more easily with your help. Our lending library saw a huge make over this month with a whole new set of carriers available for checkout. We hope you found our VBEs welcoming and helpful and we look forward to seeing you in February! 

    ~Virginia Beach Area Representative Hillary W.
    Amy B helps a mom learn to use a ring sling at her first meeting as a VBE!
    Group Picture!

    Our Peninsula meeting was held at our new Peninsula home, The Hampton Teen Center. We had record turnout for this meeting.  We had 87 people attend in January and it was the first meeting for 11 families! This meeting added 7 new members to our chapter. Our lending library was a big hit since there were so many new-to-the-area carriers. Katie H. and Joe and Concha M. were amazing volunteers and we thank you so much for helping! Our next meeting is on Valentine’s Day so we hope to see you there!

    ~Stand-in Peninsula Area Representative, Brittany  M.
    New baby snuggles! Chad S. learned how to use a ring sling.

    Our Southside meeting went off without a hitch, other than the fact it was on Thursday! We had a great turn out we welcomed 14 people to their first BWI meeting, and gained 5 new members. Our lending library has a lot of new carriers since we switched up our libraries at the end of the year! We also have a new standard kinderpack with plus straps that will be available for lending in February! I hope everyone had a great time and found the help they needed. Just a reminder southside meetings will resume on the third Friday of every month beginning in February!

    ~Southside Area Representative, Jacquie B.
    Group Picture!
    VBE Suzanne W. explains how to use soft structured carriers.

    This month, we also held a Babywearing 101 meeting in Downtown Suffolk. It was a fun meeting where we taught babywearing basics to some parents and grandparents. Our next Babywearing 101 meeting will be in Smithfield in late April.

    We also now have an Instagram account now, so be sure to follow us there and tag your pictures with #BWIofHR to be featured!
    We look forward to seeing everyone in February! Check out our events page for details.