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Ask a VBE: Babywearing Acronyms

It is really easy to get overwhelmed when you begin researching baby carriers. Veteran babywearers may sound like they are speaking a different language with all the many acronyms and nicknames for different babywearing terms. We hope this list helps you navigate the swaps, groups, and websites more easily. Leave us a comment if you find we’ve left something off of the list!

RS: Ring Sling
MT: Mei Tai
SSC: Soft Structured Carrier
HB: Half Buckle
FB: Full Buckle
WC: Wrap Conversion
WCMT: Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
WCRS: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Brands & Vendors:
AP: Artipoppe
BH: BabyHawk
Broo: Bamberoo
DJ: Diaper Junction
Didy: Didymos
DC: Dream Carrier
EB: Earthy Bliss
Gira: Girasol
Hopp: Hoppediz
KP: KinderPack
LL: Lenny Lamb
MGG: Madame Goo Goo
MM: Marsupial Mamas
Nati: Natibaby
Obi: Obimama
Pax: PaxBaby
SBP: Sleeping Baby Productions
Storch: Storchenwiege
TMD: Two Mamas Design
Uppy: UppyMama
Vat: Vatanai

FWCC: Front wrap cross carry
FCC: Front cross carry
SCC: Short cross carry
T2T: Tummy to tummy
KH/KC: Kangaroo hold/carry
SFCC: Semi-front cross carry
PWCC: Pocket wrap cross carry
CC: Cradle carry
CCC: Cross cradle carry
HCC: Hip cross carry
PHC: Poppins hip carry
RHC: Robin’s hip carry
CHC: Coolest hip carry
CHCC: Coolest hip cross carry
BWCC: Back wrap cross carry
DH: Double hammock
SH: Single hammock
GBC: Giselle’s back carry
JBC: Jordan’s back carry
RTUB/ RUB: Ruck tied under bum
RTIF: Ruck tied in front
RRRR: Reinforced rear rebozo ruck 
WPBC: Wiggle-proof back carry
TC: Taiwanese carry
Other Carry Terms:
TUB: Tied under bum
TAS: Tied at shoulder
CB: Chest belt
TB/ TT: Tied Tibetan
CCCB: Candycane chest belt
TIF: Tied in front
FFO: Front facing out
Sites: [UK site) (NM)
GUC: Good Used Condition
VGUC: Very Good Used Condition
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
EEUC: Extremely Excellent Used Condition
BNIB: Brand New In Bag
FFS: Free For Shipping
PP: Paypal
PPD: Postage Paid Domestic

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Ask a VBE: Meeting Etiquette

Our scheduled meeting for May is expected to be BWI of HR’s largest meeting. With that said, we want to make sure that everyone is able to prepare in advance so the meeting can be enjoyed to the fullest! May will also include our first check outs from the lending library so we’re also taking this opportunity to give you an idea of how the new system will work.

General Meeting Info

  • Meetings are quite laid back. About 30 minutes into the meeting, we begin with some updates from  board members, introduce VBEs so you are able to recognize them, and then we go around the room and introduce ourselves. 
  • Name tags are very beneficial! We will provide them as often as possible.
  • Meetings are generally warm. We typically meet at a library and the temperatures and attendance always vary. It’s best to dress in layers for this reason. 
  • Most rooms allow snacks but there are few things to keep in mind when bringing snacks. Please bring snacks that are easy to clean up. For the sake of allergies, please keep snacks out of the reach of other children. We generally have access to extra tables and can set them up as needed. Water or clear liquids are recommended for meetings.
  • Sharing carriers is highly recommended at meetings! If you are uncomfortable doing so, please speak up. If you share something such as a soft structured carrier, prepare for the settings to be adjusted. 
  • The board members will provide a community toy bag. You may bring toys for your own child but it might be best to label these toys or keep a close eye on them. 
  • Pictures are taken by multiple people during meetings. You will be asked to sign a photo release and hold harmless agreement at the door. These photos will be used for social media purposes and/or advertisement for BWI of HR. If you do not consent to the photo release, make sure to let photographers know and do not stand for the group photo toward the end of the meeting. 
  • Some people will have multiple carriers and some will have one. It’s best not to make any comments regarding the quantity or quality of carriers someone owns. Everyone’s needs and desires are different. 
  • Babywearers are all different kinds of people and BWI of HR accepts and welcomes all walks of life.

Lending Library

The lending library will consist of carriers that belong to BWI of HR with the sole purpose of lending to our members and participants to try on for a month at a time.

  • It is one carrier per check out. Carrier check outs will be available at meetings. 
  • Check out time is approximately one month and carriers are to be returned at the next meeting. 
  • The checkout fee is a non-refundable $15 for non-members due at the time of checkout. This fee is waived for our members. (If you have questions about becoming a member or membership, please ask!).
  • There is a $1 per day late fee for any carrier returned late. 
  • Check out simply consists of payment (if applicable,) going over a contract with a leader and signing the contract.  As part of the contract, you agree that the carrier is your responsibility until the next meeting.