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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Elizabeth!

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My name is Elizabeth V, I’m 35, I mostly grew up in NE Ohio. I’ve lived in Norfolk since 2013, when my husband got stationed here for the Navy. We have one son, Edgar, who is a year and a half old. I started babywearing when Edgar was about 3 weeks old. I had heard about babywearing from friends who already had babies but my knowledge of the world of carriers was limited initially.
I started out with a moby wrap and a ring sling. Once I figured out the sweet spot with the ring sling I loved it! I love to use woven wraps and ring slings to carry my baby. I tried several SSCs at first but have found woven wraps to be most comfortable for me. All of the different fabric patterns and fibers really drew me into collecting wraps, they are so beautiful! I usually have an extra wrap with me and I love to show people how to wrap and help others be more comfortable with it. 
Babywearing has been a great tool for me to snuggle my Velcro baby, get things done around the house and be able to run errands without my cumbersome large stroller! I like practicing new carries at home and have mostly learned from watching YouTube tutorials and practicing with friends or at home. My biggest challenge with babywearing was getting confident at back carries especially feeling like I was getting baby high enough. My favorite carries are HJBC and RRRR, though I’m currently trying to learn some ring and fancy finishes.
For others interested in babywearing and learning how to wrap, I always tell people you can do it, it just takes practice! There’s nothing wrong in starting with shorty carries either, sometimes a shorty wrap is less intimidating than starting with your base size. For example my base is a 7 but my favorite length to work with is a 3 or 4. No matter what your size, you can do carries with any length wrap! 
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