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Get to Know the Best Seats in the House!

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So we know our kiddos have the best seat in the house whether it be in a lillebaby or didymos but let’s take a closer look at what makes those seats!
My favorite seat is one with nubs and slubs, it has strength, breathability and with some work gets smooshy kitten belly soft. Can you guess? It’s hemp! Hemp is known for its brute strength. This fiber can sometimes take a lot of work to break in but makes up for it in the strength it provides. It’s strength and durability also makes it great for keeping as a legacy wrap as hemp fibers have a longer life than that of cotton or linen. Hemp is sort of magical in that it’s nice and breathable in the summer but retains heat well in the winter. It does need ironing to keep the rails from becoming creased but totally worth the it me!
Linen. Linen is like hemps closest cousin with less stretch. Their qualities are a lot alike. Known for its strength and breathability it’s a top pick for summertime wearing. I won’t lie, I’ve seen a linen blend stand on its rails but with some tlc and serious seat making they can be quite soft. This flax derived fiber is better off rolled than folded as its prone to creasing as well but I’ll sing it again, worth it! Linen is actually stronger when wet, hello sweaty toddler summer but can be a bit diggy. In my opinion it just makes sure I do a more thorough wrap job. 
Lastly I’d like to talk about a seat I don’t hear about a lot, bamboo. Hypoallergenic, this makes a great seat for kids who may suffer from eczema or sensitive skin. It’s buttery stretchy qualities make it great for a newborn but it’s slippery quality can make it a difficult wrap for a novice wrapper to learn on. Much like hemp it’s airy in the heat but warm in the cold. I think if you like silk you would like bamboo as well , plus it’s easier to care for!
Whatever seat you chose we’ll be there to help you give your baby the best seat in the house.

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