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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Donna!

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Hi Everyone! My name is Donna, I am 32. I moved down to Virginia Beach ten years ago from Arlington to move in with my husband Paul. I have one baby named Maggie, she is almost 15 months old! I’ve been wearing Maggie since she was 4 days old. I learned about babywearing from watching a dear friend wear her kids and seeing the strong bond of trust and attachment between them. I went to my first BWIofHR meeting the month before Maggie was born, I just could not wait. 
Babywearing got me through that first difficult month of learning to live with a newborn when we struggled quite a bit. We weren’t breastfeeding well, nobody was sleeping, I didn’t know what to do and I had very little confidence in myself. There was one thing I did know how to do and that was popping my baby in a sling and going out for a walk. Somehow that kept us both calm enough to get through the day. That helped me feel confident and capable as a mother and caregiver and that’s what made me want to become a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) with BWIofHR. There is no feeling more satisfying to me than helping a caregiver adjust their carrier just right and suddenly it all makes sense. 
My favorite carriers are wraps and ring slings. I love trying different brands and I especially love discovering high quality wraps at budget-friendly prices. In the short time that I’ve known about babywearing it feels like there has been so much progress made toward providing better quality and value in wraps. My favorite brands lately are Ethos, Kokoskaa, Bijou, and I have my eyes on a company in India called Soul Slings which I hope to try out soon. 
Something I struggle with sometimes is deciding which carrier I want to bring with me. There are so many factors to consider! Will Maggie want to nurse? Will she want to nap? Are we going to be out for a long time? Should I bring a long wrap or short? Maybe the meitai? I don’t really want to carry a lot with me so maybe a ring sling? The solution, clearly, is to bring them all with me.
One thing I want others to know about babywearing is that it is a valuable parenting tool that helps us meet our babies’ biological and physiological need to be held as well as cope with the demands of our modern lives. It’s become such a huge part of how I parent and I hope one day Maggie will remember how it felt to be carried by me.
Do you know someone who should be Babywearer of the Month? Nominate them!

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