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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Samantha!

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Hi! I am Samantha Rollins, I am 26 and I’m from Lake Charles, La. I have lived here in Hampton Roads since February 2015. I have three kids Wyatt 7, Hadley 2, and
 Parker Grace 10 months. I have been babywearing since my first was born March 2009 and I bought a Hot Sling while I was pregnant. It is funny looking back–I had no idea what I was getting into and had no clue just how much babywearing would change the way I day-to-day parent. I saw a lot of moms on message boards talking about babywearing and the idea of always having my baby close just spoke to me.
When we had Hadley I knew babywearing was going to be a part of our life, but I didn’t realize just how important to my day-to-day function it would be. From just being able to cook dinner at night and also to help soothe my kids when they just need momma. There is just something about those sweet naps that wearing them close usually leads to that makes my heart so full. It has been such a life saver a many times when we are a places with lots of people and the ability to keep them safe and close is paramount.
My favorite carrier is a tough one. It really changes from time to time. Right now I am really in love with my Tula Ring Sling. It is so soft and comfy. Plus its packed with sleepy dust! We own and have tired quite a few carriers. We love our Parker Tula, especially since my youngest shares the name. I really like to wear both of my youngest at one time, and for me the most comfortable way is with our wraps.
I feel like my biggest accomplishment with wearing is wearing both girls at one time! I have done it with a couple of different carriers. Two Tulas, One SSC and a ring sling, and a woven wrap and SSC. having them both close and seeing peoples reactions feels like a wonderful inside joke only I get! It really is though the only way I can get things done some days!
One thing I am currently struggling with and really working on is back wrapping. My T-Rex arms sometimes make it a challenge. I try and work on it at home as much as I can. I think my husband is surprised just how many youtube videos I watch about it lol
I think the one thing I want others to know about wearing is to take the leap and try it. I love getting to share the joy of baby wearing. I know a lot of times people think its only for small kids. I love getting show them that its never to late to start! That feeling of having them close and snuggled up is just almost to amazing to put in words. It just makes me feel so whole and connected to my kids. This is why I love sharing it so much!

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