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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Catherine!

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My name is Catherine, I’m a Norfolk native. My kids are Anne (5) and Gus (7 months). I started Babywearing as soon as Gus was born thanks to my BFF, a fellow BWI member. Once I’d attended a BWI meeting, I knew I wanted to get involved as a volunteer just based on the awesome people I’d get to hang out with! And I’ve found such a wonderful circle of friends as well as gained so much knowledge.
Because there’s an almost five year age gap between my kids they are at very different stages developmentally and have different needs. Babywearing lets me nurse the baby while pushing my older daughter on the swigs. Through Babywearing, I can be present for both at once.
I’m still somewhat at the start of my Babywearing journey but right now I prefer woven wraps, linen or cotton or hemp or a blend of all three. I like dry, grippy wraps, and short sizes are my jam. My preferred carry for my little guy is robins hip carry — I like that it’s like a rebozo with added support — or a pirate carry, because it’s solid enough for anything without being too constricting.
My biggest Babywearing accomplishment to date is doing a double hammock in the parking lot in the rain and nailing the middle marker. BOOM! Of course I’d left my phone at home so couldn’t take a pic to prove it but I swear it happened. My biggest struggle is with soft structured carriers — I recently bought my first Tula but because I’m so used to wraps it feels unnatural to me and I struggle getting it to fit as comfortably as a wrap.
I didn’t wrap my first child, a preemie. I really wish I had known about Babywearing back then! It would have helped so much with bonding and kangaroo care. It’s my wish that if you, reading this, know a mom to a preemie you will tell them about Babywearing and invite them to BWI to spread the love.
Do you know someone who should be Babywearer of the Month? Nominate them!

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