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April Recap

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April flew by this year! Here is how our meetings went.
We began the meeting with April Showers but a little bit of rain can’t keep babywearers home! We met 15 first time attendees and added 4 new memberships to our community. At the teaching stations, we learned how to hip carry with a ring sling from Jaime Jo, Katie showed us why kangaroo carry is the best front carry in the world, Jade shared her expert knowledge of SSCs and Meitais, and Donna shared tips on how to make rucks quick and comfortable. We love sharing our tips and tricks with others, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 
~Virginia Beach Area Representatives Donna C and Concha M.
This April’s meeting brought our peninsula meeting a brand new location. Thank you to Chrissie and Tidewater Performance for the new space and our ability to process memberships at the Peninsula meetings again. We had 4 new memberships sign up during the meeting. The new meeting place is in a great location because we had 80 people in attendance! Chrissie and Brittany hosted a volunteer informational session after the meeting and had many eager folks in attendance. We can’t wait to see all of you as chapter support volunteers and volunteer babywearing educators as our peninsula location is in need to more volunteers to help share the babywearing love.
~Peninsula Area Representatives Anne D and Christine M
At our April Southside meeting we were back at our usual space at Indian River Library in Chesapeake. It was a slower pace that some meetings are, but we still had a good turnout. We welcomed one new member and six people to their first meeting. Several attendees joined before the meeting and got to use their brand new membership for a carrier checkout. Our next meeting is in the same place at the same time on May 20th. See you then! 
~Southside Area Representatives Dani D and Cathy V
This month’s Western Branch meeting had a great turnout! This was the busiest meeting that we have had since this meeting started in January. We hope the crowds keep up! Our meeting is definitely fun and full of one on one help. We can’t wait to see everyone next month! The Western Branch evening meeting is still in search of area representatives, so if you would like to do this, please email! This meeting does not have a lending library yet, but will once we have area reps. See you in May!
~Acting Western Branch Area Representatives Brittany M and Dana K

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