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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Jade!

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Welcome, I’m Jade. I moved to Hampton Roads from Rhode Island in 2011 with my husband Casey. At all of 26 years, I have two children E (3.5) and A (1.5). Both are pretty awesome. 
I started researching babywearing while pregnant with E. It is mentioned a million times on the Babycenter fourms. I had to see what everyone was talking about. Casey and I decided on a moby wrap initially. When E finally came land side, I fell in love with holding her close. We quickly added a Boba 3G we purchased from Diaper Junction to the collection. After that, I was thoroughly hooked. 
Diaper Junction is also where I first heard about BWI of Hampton Roads. The first meeting was a bit overwhelming for my introverted self, it was the second meeting they ever hosted. But another mom, Hillary, made me feel quite welcomed. So I pushed myself to come back. I am so glad I did. babywearing and BWI, specifically, have become a central part of my life. A baby carrier is a crucial parenting tool in our household. BWI is my primary social outlet. Basically, babywearing is why I feel so confidant as a parent and comfortable living in a new area. 
I enjoy most types of carriers and what I use most depends on what stage in life we are. I currently use ring slings most as the toddler and preschooler prefer to walk everywhere. My biggest accomplishment as a babywearer has been becoming an educator. It has been a great experience for me. That said, I still struggle to find the right words when teaching others and to not scare them away with my enthusiasm. 
One thing I hope everyone that encounters our group walks away with is this: 
Regardless of available income, social status, race, religion, or any other differentiating factors, babywearing is for everyone, and I hope you’ll join us.

Do you know someone who should be Babywearer of the Month? Nominate them!

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