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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Mylinh

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Hi, I’m Mylinh Hamlington.  I’m 32 and originally from Denver, Colorado.  My family and I moved to Norfolk the summer of 2014.  Before we moved to Norfolk, I was a Children’s Librarian in a public library in Colorado.  Both my husband and I currently teach at Old Dominion University.  I have two children, Beatrix who is almost 3 and Imogen who is 8 months old.
I’ve been babywearing since my oldest was born in 2013.  I started with a Baby K’Tan and the Ergo original.  I loved being able to keep my daughter close to me while walking, traveling, and shopping.  I was intimidated with wrapping with my first child and have only used buckle carriers with her.  We still use a toddler Lenny Lamb SSC with her at (almost) three years old.  I was lucky to be able to occasionally bring Beatrix with me to work when I was a librarian.  I was able to wear her on my back while preparing for the day then was able to use her as my example baby during baby storytimes.  I wouldn’t have been able to get work done without babywearing!

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, my friend and I started going to BWI of Hampton Roads meetings.  After seeing the various types of carriers and listening in on some instruction, I decided to give ring slings and woven wraps a try when Imogen was born.  I started out using a Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling which was very easy for both me and my husband to use with a tiny squish.  I also had a Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid and Wrapsody Breeze, both of which were great wraps for learning how to wrap.  As an Adjunct Instructor, I work from home but have to spend a fair bit of time on the computer.  I went back to teaching when Imogen was 5 weeks old.  That first semester, I graded assignments, prepared materials, and even recorded assignments with my baby wrapped on me.
As Imogen has grown, I’ve tried various woven wraps and different carries.  My current favorite carriers are woven wraps from Pavo Textiles.  I usually put my daughter up in a rucksack tied Tibetan or a double hammock with a candy cane chest belt.  I love that woven wraps are so versatile and such beautiful works of textile art.

My biggest baby wearing accomplishment was the first time that I was able to wrap my daughter on my back.  Closely followed by the first time I did a tandem carry!
My biggest struggle was getting up the courage to deal with all of the yards of fabric that working with a woven wrap requires.  Now that I have tried it, I love it and wish that I had tried wrapping with my older daughter as well.

I find that carriers are so helpful when traveling – it’s much easier to navigate public transportation with a baby and toddler attached to you rather than having to struggle with a bulky stroller and a runaway toddler.  Babywearing also helped me to maintain a strong bond with my daughter even while dealing with postpartum depression and a difficult semester of teaching.
I find that babywearing is such a useful parenting tool.  No matter what carrier you use, it can be helpful to both you and your child to wear them!  However, I encourage you all to try wrapping – it’s really fun and beautiful!

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