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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Zee!

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My name is Zaneta “Zee” Hamlin. I am 29 years old and I moved to Virginia Beach from Silver Spring, MD in November 2015.  I currently have one child, my daughter Zoe who is 4.5 months old.

I have been baby wearing for 4.5 months now. I initially learned about baby wearing from my mom and seeing it being done when I was younger in Ghana. I learned more about it in Baby Boot Camp class in Baltimore and from Donna and Paul Chin.

Baby wearing has allowed me to multitask while bonding with my baby. It also allows me to keep her close and safe.When it comes to carriers, I have been fortunate awesome women who have given the opportunity to borrow several carriers and learn new carries. I currently have a size 6 Pavo, Baby K’tan, Boba, and Tula (I haven’t tried it yet). So far I really like my woven wrap because I can do everything with it. Front and back carries are no challenge for my woven wrap and there seems to be endless finishes and carries to try and to master. The Boba wrap was the first thing I used when Zoe was born but the baby k’tan quickly replaced because it was easy to do quickly and when on the go. My greatest accomplishment so far is being able to ‘superman’ my daughter and do the ruck tied tibetan that Brittany Marsh taught me at the January meeting.

The biggest challenge so far is having some friends and family understand that baby wearing will not stunt Zoe’s growth or inhibit her from reaching milestones. Her previous pediatrician mentioned that she might not roll until she is much older (6-8 months) because of her size and length. I am happy to say she has already wowed us in the rolling department and has started to try to sit up and reach for things.  To some it seems as though I am hogging my child but I am a first time mom… I think its OK to be protective and want to be skin to skin with my mini as much as I can before she is running around.

Baby wearing has been an exciting conversation starter. Because of it I have meet several awesome parents in the area, which is crucial being new in town. Baby wearing is great and has been done for years. I’m excited there’s an ever-growing community here.

Do you know someone who should be Babywearer of the Month? !

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