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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Paul!

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Paul Chin Jr. is a new dad with an 8 month old daughter, Maggie. He was born and raised in Tidewater and a proud local. He is married to Donna, light of his life, and they have been together for 13 years.
I’ve been baby wearing since the first day that Maggie was born when a good friend of ours brought us a Boba wrap in the hospital and started to wear her immediately. Even before Maggie was born Donna brought me to a BWI meeting and we began to learn about baby wearing and got to know the community.

Baby wearing is a very practical tool to be with your child and get things done at the same time. I haven’t dealt with packing a stroller or lugging a car seat through the parking lot. When either Donna or I wear her, we have the freedom to go shopping or eat at a restaurant and know that she is safe and secure. I really like wearing her when she is tired and using it as a tool to help her get to sleep. I feel very accomplished as a parent when I can help my baby go to sleep and stay asleep. It keeps my hands free while I do some light chores, get work done, and even play video games. Wearing Maggie also lets me help Donna regain some her own free time. It’s a very cool way to share the parenting experience between the two of us.

I don’t have a favorite carrier because as Maggie grew, different carries became more comfortable. I started out with the Boba wrap which was great because she gets held so tightly against me. From there I learned how to use a MeiTai, which is an awesome low cost option with lots of capability at around $30. I also really like the Catbird Baby Pikkolo. The first one I tried was from the BWIofHR lending library and we were able to find a used one from another member in the community. I just did my first front wrap cross carry last night and will take my time to learn a few more. Donna is a great teacher and is very patient with me as I learn how the different carry options work.

The biggest challenge that I find is getting a carrier that is comfortable for my body. I’m quite short and stocky and don’t have the greatest flexibility. I need something that is comfortable on wider shoulders and doesn’t need me reach all the way across my back. With help from BWIofHR I’ve been able to explore different styles and methods that work for me. 

Everyone should give baby wearing a chance because there is a huge return for the time it takes to learn. Even if you think that it is too complicated, or too expensive, don’t worry! There are plenty of options out there. The baby wearing meetings are free to attend and there is a huge supportive community behind it. Being a parent is complicated and I’m glad that I found baby wearing as a way to mitigate some of those issues.

Editor’s note: Paul also made a cool website to help people try new woven wrap carries! Check it out at and let us know what you think!

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