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Hike It Baby Guest Post for IBW 2015

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Hike It Baby Guest Post for IBW 2015
Please enjoy this post written for International Babywearing Week 2015 by Nicki Townsend, a sustaining member of BWIofHR.
It’s 9:30 on Monday morning and 9 moms, 1 dad and 12 babies and toddlers are gathering to walk 1.5 miles at Marsh View Park. With a toddler led hike, you never know exactly how long it will take, it all depends upon how many sticks and leaves we will need to stop to collect; how long we will watch the frogs, dragonflies and maybe even snakes which we encounter; whether there are puddles to jump in and whether our toddlers are in race car or snail mode today. And that’s fine! We are enjoying each other’s company, breathing fresh air and taking in nature, we are building life experiences for our children and family experiences for us all. What better way is there to spend a morning?
It’s 11:30 on a Wednesday morning and 14 moms and 16 babies and toddlers have just finished a 4 mile, fast paced hike along the Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. We (the adults) are hot and sweaty because we went for it, although we barely even noticed the time and distance as we were chatting with our friends the whole time. Many of the children have had their morning naps as they were worn or pushed in strollers. This work out had way better views than if we’d gone to the gym!

It’s 9:00 on a Thursday morning and the first wave of hikers (yes, this hike is now so popular that we have to split into 2 groups!) are meeting for a 1.5 mile urban stroll in Norfolk, which just happens to take us to a coffee house selling rather yummy pastries, before we continue on to the playground (during the summer it was the splash pad!). We are delighted to have some first time hikers with us and we ensure that they are made to feel welcome. Someone volunteers to lend them a Tula so they can give it a try.
Hike it Baby is a parents group in over 100 cities around the country (and a few internationally) dedicated to getting families together and out into nature with little ones. Hike it Baby Hampton Roads is a really active branch. We have a wide variety of hikes and urban strolls and the best part is most of our hikes are FREE! We welcome everyone from mom, dad, partner and granny to nanny. 
“I always loved being outdoors, especially hiking and horseback riding. Once my daughter was born I still went on long walks at the park, but I didn’t feel comfortable going to hike on trails by myself. With Hike It Baby I found an awesome group of moms who share my same passion for the outdoors and nature. Everybody is friendly and helpful. It is also an excellent opportunity to raise my daughter in close contact with nature and it’s motivating me to be outdoors as much as I can. 
My favorite baby carrier is a SSC, but during the hot and humid summer I found that my daughter mostly enjoyed being carried in an hiking pack. 
My favorite local spots to hike are First Landing and the Chesapeake Arboretum.” Elena
“I love the friendly and supportive community HiB brings to the area,  the willingness of others to let people try their carriers for the hikes, etc
I like babywearing while hiking because it gets everyone out of the house as a family,  walkers and non walkers alike.  I can keep up with my 4yo, while keeping my 21m old from eating sticks, falling down on rocks, etc.
I prefer wearing in a SSC for ease and security. I loved my ergo performance since it was canvas and mesh, it breathed well. 
I like hiking at pleasure house point and first landing” Meg
“Without HiB and babywearing, I never would have had the opportunity to take my son to the most amazing destinations. We’ve seen the most beautiful sights and breath taking views over the last year and a half with HiB and babywearing. It allows my son to experience nature and play and make friends while at the same time it gets me out of the house and surrounded by other families who share my same passion. It’s helped me make the most wonderful friendships and it’s pushed me to do things I never thought I could. My son has been able to see the most amazing wild life (moose, bears, Eagles, deer, snakes, butterflies, elk, etc) all from the comfort of our Tula. The toddler walks have been so eye-opening for him. Being able to get muddy and play with sticks and crunch the leaves beneath his feet with his friends. These are the life experiences you cannot put a price tag on, and these are the life experiences that will matter most. I truly hope that by taking him out and exploring nature, it has planted a seed in his heart to always love nature and to get outside and lose himself in the great outdoors. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to hike in several states and I treasure all those moments we’ve shared together. Without HiB, I cannot say it would have happened. And it definitely would not have happened without our Tula and wraps. ❤️” Kaity

If this blog has made you want to get out and hike, please check out the Hike it Baby website: and join our Facebook group: We hope to see you on the trails soon! 

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