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Have you ever been out in public wearing your baby and a stranger (or even someone you know) stops you and says, “How cool is that?  I wish they had those things when I was raising kids!”?

Or have you ever been complemented for how creative you are for coming up with the idea to wrap cloth around you and carry your baby in it?

I’m sure many babywearers know that babywearing has been around a lot longer than just a few years, but did you know that babywearing as a parenting and caregiving technique is deeply rooted in the history of many cultures around the world?

In fact, many carriers you are familiar with have long histories, like the Mei Tai (MAY-Tie) which originates from China but is also a traditional carrier in many other Asian cultures, and the Onbuhimo (or onbu for short) created in Japan.

VBE Jade showing off a mei tai carrier
VBE Brittany using a ring waist Onbuhimo

As we celebrate and enjoy the love of babywearing this week, try to remember the wonderful cultures that wore before us (and still do as a part of everyday life), all over the world, and who passed it down from generation to generation to be enjoyed by us in our western culture today.

Woman wearing a little one on her back in Tibet, photo courtesy of  Diana and Bart-Willam,

Baby comfy on mama’s back in Mali, in West Africa, photo courtesy of the World Bank Photo Collection,

Native American woman from the Yakama Tribe wearing her baby in a cradleboard in the early 20th century, photo courtesy of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area,

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