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IBW Midweek Check In

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How is everyone doing?  What exciting things have you gone to this week so far?
On Sunday, there was a special IBW hike at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, led by Anna.  Despite the wet weather, a handful of hikers attended, babies cozily strapped to them as they explored the great outdoors.

BWIofHR friends enjoyed a dry playdate on the Peninsula at Imagination Village, allowing the little ones to embrace their little world of imagination.

Grommet Island Park was the site of the Virginia Beach playdate for IBW.  Friends hung out and enjoyed the park as the sun started to poke through after MUCH rain here in Hampton Roads.
After dark, the fun moved over to O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk as those who were able to enjoyed adult beverages and sweet company, all centered around embracing the community around us.


We had beautiful weather for our Newport News playdate at Fort Fun!  So much fun!!

We hope you are having a great IBW2015!  Remember to tag us on social media to keep everyone in the loop as you embrace your world!

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