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Carry of the Month: Giselle’s Back Carry

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry.
Happy August everyone! This month’s carry of the month is Giselle’s back carry (GBC). This is a variation of Jordan’s back carry (JBC). I am demonstrating this with a size 6 woven wrap which is one size smaller than my base size.
This carry starts with the middle marker at the center of the child’s back. Get baby onto your back using your preferred method. Don’t have one? Check out this link here. Now make your seat. First pin the top rail. Then bring the bottom rail up between you and the child and knee to knee.

Once the child is on your back, pin one side between your knees. With your loose tail, bring it under your arm and across the child’s back. Bring is as high as you can and pull it tight.

Holding that side tight, carefully (while keeping tension) bring it under the child’s leg. Now pin that side between your knees.

Working with the now long side, make sure that you have the side pulled firmly and carefully move it under your arm.

Next, carefully keep tension and flip the wrap over your shoulder. Spread the pass over the child’s back and pull tight. Carefully pull that pass under the child’s leg. Now all you need to do is tie off in front with a double knot! 

Tada! You have completed Giselle’s back carry!!
We hope this helped and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time.
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

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