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Babywearing Fashion Show

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On Saturday, August 1, BWI of Hampton Roads attended the Big Latch On in Newport News.
VBE Kristin H and Volunteer Christine M made sure our table looked great!
We did our popular babywearing fashion show again this year and it was a huge hit!
Everyone all lined up and adding in those finishing touches.
Prepare for all of the awesome you are about to see. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!! 
Kathleen demonstrated a ring sling front carry and she also had the youngest baby at the latch on this year!
Sarah showed how easy it is to strike a pose in the mei tai!
Jamie showed us how comfortable a front carry in a woven wrap can be. This is a front wrap cross carry.
Courtney demonstrated a poppins hip carry and as a bonus showed us just how accessible nursing is in a woven wrap! 
The sleepy dust was instant for Amanda’s little in this rucksack back carry.
Sarah and her little showed us a back carry with her customized soft structured carrier.
Dads wear their babies too! Jason’s favorite carrier is a soft structured carrier.
Liz demonstrated a front carry in a soft structured carrier.
Tandem wearing is always fun! Carrie and her littles showed us a tandem carry using two woven wraps.
Did you know that you can wrap before you have your baby?! Karen showed us how! 
Thank you so much Kristin for being an awesome emcee!!
Hopefully we can do the fashion show again next year! 
If you have any questions on these carriers or on how to do the carries shown, please leave us a comment! 

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