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Carry of the Month: Half Jordan’s Back Carry

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry.

Back carries with wovens are great for longer trips and walks.  It’s great to learn a few carries with shorter wraps for when you want to do a quick up without wrestling with a size 6.  A quick carry I like is the Half Jordan’s Back Carry (HJBC).  It’s a variation of the Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC).

I am demonstrating this carry using a size 2 (2.6 m) woven wrap. My base size is a 6 (4.6 m). Base size varies from person to person depending on the size of the person. A size 6 is the most commonly used base size; however, a size 5 (4.2m) or size 7 (5.2m) are also common. This carry can be done with as little as a size 1 (2.2m). Now onto the carry:

1. To start, gather enough of your wrap to tie off at the end of the carry.  Once you figure out where that is, find where that falls on the middle of your back.  That will be where you place your baby on the wrap.

For more information on getting baby on your back, see the tutorial for a Rucksack.

2. After you have found your starting spot, get baby onto your back however you prefer.  VBE Dani is using the superman toss.
3. Next get your seat. First pin the top rail using either your teeth or chin.
4. Now reach behind, between you and the baby, and tug the bottom rail up between you. Make sure the fabric is from knee to knee and the baby is properly seated in an M position.
5. When complete, you should have a long and a short tail on either side.  The short tail is under your arm and the long tail is over your opposite shoulder.

6. Tuck the short rail under your chin or in your teeth or under your arm as you bring the long tail over your shoulder and UNDER your baby’s leg.  This is different from many carries in that it goes under the first leg instead of over.  Do not twist the tail as you do this.
7. Next, spread that tail over the baby’s bum, up toward your opposite shoulder.

8. Now you are ready to pull out all the excess slack and make it tight before you tie the carry off.
9. You have a few tie off options here.  A simple double knot works fine, but you can also do variations using different chest belts (Tibetan or CCCB) or a slipknot.  VBE Dani has demonstrated a CCCB by twisting the two tails together and tying them at her opposite shoulder.  

The slipknot tutorial can be found HERE.

That’s it!

We hope this helped and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time.

Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

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