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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Anna!

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I’m Anna Lutz, originally from South Carolina, but now hopefully, a permanent Virginian. The Navy moved us to Norfolk 3 years ago, after we lived for a brief time in Connecticut. I’m proud to be wife to my husband, Derek, and mom to Henry, age 4 and Vivien, 9 months. 
I’ve been baby wearing since my son was newborn. Before my son was born, my husband and I had decided we wanted to practice attachment parent, so we bought a Moby Wrap. At the time, I was convinced it would be the best thing ever. It was useful around the house, but I quickly learned, it was also impractical for me in many other situations. I was not able to nurse in it and I wanted something more versatile and quick for going out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a BWI meet-up nearby, so I was stuck consulting my good friend, Mr. Google.
My newborn son turned out to be quite the gourmet and loved to eat at his favorite 24/7 restaurant: ME! After a couple of weeks doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching Shark Week and nursing a demanding (yet adorable) baby, I was frustrated with my lack of independence and the isolation imposed by early motherhood. I needed to get out!
I did a little research and decided to try a sling. I really wanted a Maya Wrap but I settled for a more affordable sling. The Balboa Sling became my go-to for the first few months. I learned how to nurse discreetly in it and that really started to change things for me. I nursed everywhere in it! Unfortunately, my son quickly outgrew the sling so I started trying out other carriers. I went through a lot of the affordable carriers that are widely available and finally realized, I should have sprung for an Ergo much earlier in my son’s life. 
Fast forward to my second child, I felt prepared for parenting two little ones. Our trusty Ergo had served me well through a PCS, various multi-stop flights cross country, and general life craziness. I was ready to try it with a newborn. I bought the fancy insert and everything, but it just seemed to swallow up my tiny newborn daughter. Luckily, my friend Meg hooked me up with BWI. 
Adjusting to two children turned out to be quite a challenge for me, as I had some nursing issues early on and my husband had an unforgiving work schedule at the time. Fortunately, because of BWI I was able to really hone my babywearing skills and broaden my exposure to all the different carriers. Babywearing is an essential part of my parenting tool belt. It gives me the independence I really need. It’s my extra hands when my husband is underway. 
I have really started to love wrapping! Learning new carries has become somewhat of a hobby for me. I have a Girasol and a Tehkni, which are both really great for different reasons. I also really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Beco Soleil. It goes pretty much everywhere with me. I can nurse in it. I have back carried my 40 pound, 4 year old in it. My husband can use it comfortably. It’s just an all-around great carrier.
I think my biggest baby wearing accomplishment is just being able to nurse comfortably in a wide variety of carriers. My biggest struggle was initially learning to wrap. It was really intimidating at first. 
I love that baby wearing in on the way to becoming a cultural norm in the US. I want everyone to know that with such a wide variety of carriers available, it can be safe, practical and enjoyable for many situations and parenting styles.
Do you know someone who would be perfect for Babywearer of the Month? Nominate them here!

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