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May Recap

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May was an incredibly fun month for us!

“Our monthly Virginia Beach meeting was held on May 2,2015. We had 100 attendees and received 5 new memberships and 1 membership renewal. The biggest attendance and interest observed this month was at the Soft Structured Carrier Station led by VBE Suzanne W. Added into the lending library were 2 new carriers: the Ergo Ventus soft structured carrier and the Natibaby Turquoise Dandelions ring sling. We hope everyone has enjoyed trying out the carriers that were borrowed this month. We appreciate the support of our members and availability of our volunteers to help BWI of Hampton Roads continue to grow. Looking forward to seeing you all and meeting new people at our next meeting on June 6.” ~ VB Area Representative, Janet C

“Our Peninsula May meeting was held, per usual, at the Hampton Teen Center, which is now the Hampton Performing & Creative Arts Center. A special thanks to them for generously opening their doors to us every month! The meeting had 58 attendees, including a lot of new babies. Oh how we all love a squishy new babe! This month showcased a few new items in our lending library. A Lillebaby Complete Airflow, an Ergo Performance, and a Natibaby Milky Way ring sling all joined our Summer lineup! Speaking of the lending library, our lending numbers were up this month, which makes us all happy to know that you guys are trying new things and taking advantage of this huge asset we have. We even had three new members join BWI at the meeting! I’m sure they’ll be utilizing the library very soon if they haven’t already! Finally, we’d like to thank Chrissie R for being such a stellar volunteer at the meeting. All in all, the meeting was a great success, and we are so excited to see you all back in June! Until then, happy wearing!” ~Peninsula Area Representative Helena C

“BWI of Hampton Roads had its monthly Southside meeting on May 15th at Russell Memorial Library in Chesapeake. We welcomed 5 new members at our meeting and 8 new meeting attendees!!! This month we offered our new standard DidyTai Orient and Ergo 360 for lending! We are also happy to offer our new car decals for sale, they will be available at all out our June meetings. They are $4.00 for sustaining members, and $5.00 for members. Our next Southside meeting will be at Indian River Library in Chesapeake on Friday June 19th, 2015. Any questions can be directed at Jacquie and Meg our Southside area representatives at Happy Babywearing!” ~Southside Area Representative Jacquie B

We would also like to welcome our three NEW volunteer babywearing educators Meg G, Concha M, and Amanda M! We are so happy to have you!

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