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Water Wearing!

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It is swim season! Pools are opening and we are all rushing to the nearest beach to stay cool during this hot weather. Babies get very slippery in the water so what do you do? I know what you are all thinking now…”What do I do with my slick my baby at the pool?” The answer is easy.

Water carriers!

 These carriers are often made of bathing suit material or athletic mesh. They are lightweight and fast-drying which makes them great for the pool bag. They also are pretty breathable. 

Wraps-These are normally wrapped just like a stretchy carrier, using the pocket wrap cross carry. There are a many retailers who sell these. Numerous people make them on their own as well. This is a great option for those who love wrapping!
Our friend Jenny wears Gideon in a water wrap at the pool!
Ring Slings– Water slings are a great choice! These are made with mesh usually, and have plastic rings. There are also water slings that are made from a polyester/elastan blend. Water ring slings are a popular choice because of their availability. They are also easier to use than many other options. Popping baby in and out is fast! Our Southside lending library has a mesh water sling available for checkout.
VBE Dani is using a water ring sling here, and  says “Wearing in the pool last summer made it so much easier for my little one to stay warm against me while also enjoying the water. We wore her everywhere and she got used to the water really fast!”
Pouch Slings– Like ring slings, these are also readily available. It is also easy to pop baby in and out quickly!
CSV Anne says “Wearing allowed us to play along the breakers at the beach. It kept my daughter secure and allowed her to feel safe. It also made it easier to carry my daughter to and from the car with all of our stuff.”


VBE Brittany enjoys using a regular ol Seven Sling poolside and in the pool.

Always remember to pay attention to where your baby’s head is while in and out of the water. You may go a little further out in the pool or ocean than you realize. Don’t forget that the ABCs of babywearing apply in the water as well!

There are numerous shops online that sell these water carriers. I recently even saw water mei tais! If you have any questions about how to use these carriers or where to buy them, do not hesitate to ask in our chatter group! We look forward to seeing you there!

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