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Carrier Review: Toddler TULA

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Brand Name: TULA Baby Carriers
Carrier/Colorway Name: Tulips
Materials/Fabric content: 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton
Size of Carrier: Toddler

How Long has this carrier been used by you? About a month

What size is the infant/toddler/child (ex: age, height & lbs): Maxine is 17 months old, 25 lbs, and 33 inches tall

What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width): Panel: 18″ tall & 19″ wide, Hip belt: 5″ height, 28″ – 55″ length, , Shoulder straps:The toddler’s strap is 18″ when not expanded and 21″ when expanded, The webbing attached to the strap is additional 29″ long.

How did it feel on your shoulders: Very comfortable. There is a great amount of padding on the shoulder straps. It felt more comfortable to me in a back carry than a front carry for my shoulders.

Can you compare this carrier to another carrier already on the market? It is comparable to a Kinderpack because the carrier is easy to adjust and it reminds me of Ergo as well because of where the waist belt buckles.

Who do you think this carrier would best be geared to: I feel that this carrier is geared to toddlers and older. This is a great choice for parents who want something easy to use. 

Please tell us a little more about yourself: I’m Brittany and I have tried over 50 different carriers, slings, and wraps over the past 17 months that I have been wearing. I am a VBE with Babywearing International of Hampton Roads and have been since July.

This carrier is available for checkout from the Virginia Beach Lending Library! 

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