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2014 in Review

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As we all say our goodbyes to the year 2014. We will also say goodbye to some of our BWI of HR founders. Don’t worry your heart too much, they will still be around. It’s time to introduce some fresh faces, new ideas, and amazing talents.

As we look back at 2014……

We started out with a bang by learning the Rebozo, this very simple carry that is loved by so many, . If you follow our amazing blog you will see that every month we do what we like to call our COTM or Carry of the Month. We did a variety of carries this past year from secure high back carry, pouch slings, SSC’s, Hip Cross Carry and the Shephard’s back carry. This is an amazing way to learn about different carrys and to branch out and try new things. Our educational chair Caitlyn, has done amazing work with our educational area. She is truly going to be missed but we wish her all the best.

This year we were able to auction off a beautiful Oscha Sling to help raise money for our lending library. Oscha gladly donated this to us ,Babywearing International of Hampton Roads, for our very first birthday. Thank you so very much Oscha for your generosity and love. This beautiful ring sling is now snuggling a sweet, sweet baby and our lending library grew.
One of our many blog post this year was a very important one that all new babywearers should read. It was all about the terminology of this crazy, loving, babywearing world.  This blog had everything you needed to know to get started and know what you’re reading.  Babywearing International of Hampton Roads has an amazing blog and some very dedicated people behind it. This year on our blog we learned not only our COTM’s, the babywearing lingo but Jade, one of our wonderful ABEs, taught us an ”Emergency Babywearing Workshop”. This class featured the how to’s if you were in an emergency and did not have a carrier around to use. She showed us how to improvise with old shirts, sheets, duct tape, and beach towels. I’m sure each and every one of us walked away from that class learning something.  
We ended our year with another great International Babywearing week. This years theme was “Share the Adventure”. During this week we had many extra’s happening around Hampton Roads. Many enjoyed playdates, meet up’s, hikes, Mom’s night out. All adventures in and around Hampton Roads. Pavo Textiles, was generous to donate to us a beautiful Swallowtail dusk woven wrap that we raffled off to one of our members. We would also like to thank, Starbright baby for her donation of a teething giraffe. We had many giveaways as a thank you to our members for supporting and loving us.

As we close 2014 we held our annual voting of the new BWI of HR Board. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in BWI of HR from it’s growth. It’s amazing that this idea started with just a few friends during a geek out session over woven wraps and has now flourished to an amazing, supporting and loving community of Mothers, Fathers, Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers. We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting BWI of HR and our efforts to safely and properly teach babywearing around Hampton Roads. To all of our past board members, I thank you! I thank you for giving your time, dedication, hard work and talents to help us grow. To the new board, I wish you only the best. Keep growing, keep sharing, keep spreading the love of babywearing.


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