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Welcome to BWI of HR’s New Board

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Welcome to our new board members!!!
      If you’re part of our Facebook chatter group, you will know that we just recently held our annual voting for our new board for Babywearing International of Hampton Roads. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this growth.   We have grown and expanded so much these last two years. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your baby grow, and this is how I feel about Babywearing International of Hampton Roads.  I’m so pleased with where we are and where we are headed. We have a great group of ladies lined up to take the reins.  With that I introduce to you your new Babywearing International of Hampton Board members.

Chair of BWI of HR: Dana Karstensen-Bryan
Operations Chair: Suzanne Worrell
Education Chair: Jade Penney
Outreach Chair: Kristin Hoerber
Janet Castro & Hillary Westbrook serving as Virginia Beach Area Representatives
Helena Claus serving as a Peninsula Area Representative
Anne Kabaitan serving as a Southside Area Representative

I would also like to congratulate Caitlyn Shaw and Dana Karstensen-Bryan for their new roles on the Board of Directors for Babywearing International.
We look forward to the year ahead, teaching and sharing the love of babywearing to our community. 

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