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IBW 2014: Share the Camping Adventure

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There are only a few things in life that I enjoy more than camping.  It just so happens that camping affords me the opportunity to enjoy many things in life at the same time:  adventure, time with family, and grilling.

Dana and I were camping well before children but there we never a doubt that we would continue our camping escapades after having them.  As most of you with children know, kids need lots of attention.  This can make is a challenge when trying to set up the campsite.  This is where babywearing comes in.  From Klaw’s first camping trip several years ago to Scream’s latest camping trip several weeks ago, I almost always put on one of the kids while I get everything set up.  This lets the kid see what I’m doing and it allows me to be hands free to set up.

Even after set up, I am a babywearing machine.  I will wear one of the kids when I take the dogs out to pee or for a walk.  I will wear one of the kids when we go walking on the beach.  I have even worn one of the kids at a college football game where we happened to be camping.  Babywearing is almost a requirement for me when we go camping.

I want my children to grow up and look back at pictures and videos and see the great times we had camping as a family, exploring our beautiful country.  I want them to see me wearing them and see the excitement on my face as I involve them in the camping experience.  Life truly is an adventure and I want my children to have the greatest adventure, either on my back or by my side.

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