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Carrier Review: Kokoskaa (Woven Wrap)

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Brand Name: Kokoskaa
Carrier/Colorway Name:  Natty* Royal Quill (Winter weight) and Royal Quill Fern
(*natty is slang for “natural,” generally meaning undyed)
Materials/Fabric content:
Natty RQ: Unknown
RQ Fern: 100% Cotton

Royal Quill Natty (top); Royal Quill Fern (bottom)

Size of Carrier:
Natty: 3.24M
Fern:  4.79M

How Long has this carrier been used by you?
Over the course of a couple weeks

What size is the infant/toddler/child:
Baby A: Age 10m and 24lbs
Baby B: Age 3 yrs and 25 lbs

What were/are the exact measurements:
Natty: .73m width, 3.24m length
Fern: .73m width, 4.79m length

How did it feel on your shoulders:
Both wraps were soft and not diggy. Natty had more cush on my shoulders but I found both to be comfortable.

Kokoskaa Royal Quill Fern

Can you compare this wrap to another wrap already on the market?
Natty, in terms of cush, reminded me of Pavo Etini Magnolia. Fern is similar but is thinner and has a tad more grip. Fern is also more airy and would choose it over Natty in a hot climate.

Who do you think this carrier would best be geared to:
I don’t tend to recommend thicker wraps for beginners but in a longer size i don’t feel like it would be too much. The stretch would cause a novice to possibly need to retighten while wearing until he or she becomes accustomed to the stretch but the support and grip would definitely make it supportive and comfortable. As for a certain age range, I think i would be likely to use this wrap for both babies and toddlers.

Kokoskaa natty Royal Quill

Please tell us a little more about yourself:
I have been baby wearing for over 9 years, 6 children of my own and several babies I have watched. I have owned and tried hundreds of woven wraps and my tastes have varied greatly over the years. I have used everything from $30 gauze wraps to stretchy wraps to higher end woven wraps. I started and led a baby wearing group for 2 years before moving to Virginia earlier this year.

***BWIofHR received two woven wrap samples for testing purposes from Kokoskaa. Kokoskaa is donating a different woven wrap to our lending library. The donation was not contingent upon a review of these wraps. This review was solicited from our members and we hope to provide member-written reviews for more carriers available for purchase and from our lending libraries.***

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