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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Jenny T

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I am Jenny T, mom of five children. I began baby wearing with my daughter in 2008. We were fostering her and she came into our home at 4 days old. I previously worked at CHKD in the NICU-step down unit and knew the importance of skin to skin contact. I wanted to make sure this precious baby could feel the love for her. I was honored to adopt this beautiful girl a year later. I kept her in the wrap her first two years. We have such a wonderful bond. I now encourage all of my fellow foster parenting friends to baby wear too.

We also have a precious baby boy we began fostering in 2011, he spent his first year in the NICU at VCU. He came home on a ventilator, oxygen and NG tube feeds. despite all of the tubes, I wrapped him too. Again, I wanted him to know the wonderful feeling of mommy snuggles.

We felt like the only way to carry babies around was in a wrap.

When Gideon was born, he went right in the wrap. He now points to it and even gets it for me. He loves to tuck his hands in and snuggle. Gideon is only 17 months old and was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 2014.  He finds so much comfort in being worn.  Gideon is currently going through chemotherapy and daily procedures.  The wrap is his safe place.

Thank you for sharing our family’s babywearing story. I pray our story encourages parents with medically fragile children, special needs, foster and adoptive children to enjoy all of the benefits of babywearing.

You can read more about Gideon’s journey on his Facebook page, Prayers for Gideon.

Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your babywearing story!

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