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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Courtnie T

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Hi! My name is Courtnie! I’m 31, born in Norfolk, and after moving around a bit as a kid- came back to Chesapeake when I was 20. I have 4 children. Jack (11), Savannah (6), Brody (3), and Logan (3).

I had a brief stint with an old snuggli when my oldest was born. When my daughter was born, I found the Moby website by accident and I ordered that night. It was okay for a while, then she got too heavy for the snuggli and the moby, and that was the end of that. When my 3rd was born, I went to an LLL meeting and one of the lactation consultants brought several Maya wraps she was selling. I bought one at the meeting, and used it sparingly. A few weeks later, I discovered SSC and hunted Becos on ebay for weeks. I couldn’t believe how expensive they were! (Ha!) I won an auction late at night and we wore the heck out of that and eventually a Boba. When my 4th was born, I tried to sell one of my SSCs and found the swap! I bought a wrap 2 days later. I was hooked, and have churned well over 60+ wraps in the last 2 years.

With 4 kids, and a husband who works  70 hours a week- babywearing keeps my house functioning. From errands, to school functions, to laundry and baths – I’ve had a kid strapped to me for almost 4 years now.
Our days are winding down a bit now, much to my sadness. We are still clinging tightly to some favorites. I love a ring sling for quick ups and downs while running errands. They are great for toddlers who just need a quick snuggle too! Wraps are so versatile! I love the custom fit a good wrap job will give you. An Ellevill Zara tops my list! Amazing stretch, and relatively easy to find. I’ve had Didys, Giras, Natis, Divas, Ellevills, Heartiness, Pavos, Oschas, and a few handwovens. It’s so fun to see the different wrapping qualities between the brands.

The hardest thing is deciding what goes or stays!  And of course, when you’re at the end. I truly enjoy telling others about wrapping their baby. It’s fulfilling to see a new mother regain some of her independence with the use of her hands! Such a simple thing, that is really a lifesaver! Babywearing is such a special everyday thing you can do with your child. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and just a carry or two under your belt is enough. Attending a BWI meeting is so beneficial! Wonderful VBEs and so many moms and dads willing to share their wraps to try! I’ve met some wonderful women through babywearing, including my best friend over a wrap trade!  I love the closeness I can steal with my children by having them close. Every parent should get that opportunity!

Thank you for sharing the babywearing love every chance you get, Courtnie!

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