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Carrier Review: Beco Soleil (SSC)

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Brand Name: Beco Baby Carrier

Name: Soleil

How Long has this carrier been used by you?

3 Months!! I first borrowed the Beco Soleil from the Southside library in January and fell in love! When I returned it I started searching the internet for a sale on one. I purchased my own in February and use it at lease 5 times a week!!

What size is the infant/toddler/child (ex: age, height & lbs):

My daughter is currently 10 months, 29.5 inches and about 18 pounds

What were/are the exact measurements (ex: Length & Width):

Body width (measured at base) 16″ Length (body height from waistband) 17″ Waistband length 28″ -60″

How did it feel on your shoulders:

The Soleil feels really great on my shoulders! I prefer back carries (so does Isabelle, so she can see everything that is going on) and the straps have very soft padding that make it very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

Can you compare this carrier to another carrier already on the market?

The best advice I have received on soft structured carriers is that they are just like jeans; you just have to find the right fit! This is absolutely true. I started with an Ergo performance and it just did not fit right; I could not seem to adjust it enough to make it comfortable. Thanks to the BWI Lending Library, I was able to try different carriers! At this point I have tried the Beco Soleil, Ergo Performance, Boba 3G and Tula Baby Carrier (standard). My favorites are the Soleil and Tula. Since I own a Soleil, Ergo Performance and Tula I was able to compare them side by side. The Tula has the widest panel and the Soleil is next. I found that the Tula Strap padding is thicker, but the Soleil padding seems softer. One thing I really like about the Soleil is that it has a tri-lock buckle, so you don’t have to worry about it coming unbuckled. Beco offers this carrier in 9 different colors and accessories, too. If your interested in customization, they also offer matching hoods, organic drool pads and a carry all bag (which can be attached to the carrier when your wearing)! The Soleil also features a hood, toy ring on one of the straps, waist-belt pocket, zippered pocket on the body panel and key ring on the waist-belt which is very handy!

Who do you think this carrier would best be geared to (ex: babies, toddlers, New Babywearers, Advanced Babywearers):

I think that the Beco Soleil would be a great carrier for all. For newborns you can opt to buy the infant insert, Beco says the Soleil is good up to 45 pounds but my baby girl is only 18 pounds. I think the body panel is comparable to the Tula panel, so I think it would be good for larger babies. When I first tried this carrier I was a new babywearer and it was very easy to use.

Please tell us a little more about yourself (ex: how long have you been wearing, how many different wraps/carriers have you tried, what is your babywearing background):ย 

I first started wearing when my daughter Isabelle was about 2 months old. When she was born, we had a lot of family visit in the first 2 months. Our house was like a revolving door of family and Isabelle was never put down. Once everyone left and it was just me and hubby, I had to find something because Isabelle never wanted to be put down. I had a Moby wrap that I got for my baby shower, and I just could not get it. I traded in my Moby wrap for Baby K’tan, and was instantly hooked on babywearing. As Baby was getting bigger, I was looking for a new carrier and that’s when I found BWI of HR. Becoming a member has been the best 30 dollars I have spent in a very long time. Since joining in November I have been able try so many different types of carriers. So far, I have tried woven wraps, soft structured carriers (including Ergo, Beco Soleil, Boba 3G, and Tula Baby Carrier standard), and a Maya Ring Sling. It is very hard to choose a favorite since I like to use different carriers for different occasions! BWI of HR has taught me so much already about babywearing, I can’t wait to learn more and hope to be a VBE one day!!

***BWIofHR received a free Beco Soleil for our lending library from Beco Baby Carriers. This donation was not contingent upon publishing a review. This review was solicited from our members and we hope to provide member-written reviews for more carriers available in our lending libraries.***

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