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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Chris B

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Chris B is BWI educator Dana K’s husband and he has been an active babywearing Dad since the birth of their first son. Take a few minutes to get to know another Babywearer of the Month!

Please provide a brief bio on yourself:

My name is Chris Bryan. I was born and raised in Monroe, GA, a sprawling suburb of Athens, GA.  We have been in HRVA for almost 6 years thanks to the US Navy.  I have two wonderful boys, Nolan (4) & Niels (1), neither of whom  resemble me in the slightest.
How long have you been babywearing? Share how you learned about it or got involved.
4 years.  My wife had a ring sling and Moby waiting in the delivery room, I’m pretty sure.  It was never really a question for me whether or not to wear my babies, although I am very particular on what I will wear them with.
How has it helped you or changed your life as a mom (dad/caregiver)?
Babywearing is awesome! As the type of person who can’t sit down and relax when I get home from work until things are in order (some may call this OCD, I call it being neat), it’s easy to put the baby on my back, who is quite happy to see me when I get home, and take care of things around the house.  Not to mention, he loves it!  And if there is ever a moment when I can’t get the baby to go to sleep, babywearing works like a Midol, or is it, Nydol?  I get them confused.  You get the picture.  It’s almost immediate.  I also consider babywearing a great workout.  Climbing up and down stairs, doing yard work, or even the occassional pushup, it really is like carrying an extra 15-20 lbs.  All that aside, I know my kids have loved being close to me.

What is your favorite carrier (or carry) and why?
I think the first carrier I tried was a ring sling or Moby.  Frankly, the ring sling pattern was not for me and the Moby wrap, and any wrap in my opinion, was a lot of work and took too much time.  Immediately upon putting Nolan in a Beco Butterfly II, I knew that I would never go to another carrier again.  Of course I’ve humored my wife on a number of occassions, but the Beco is great.  I can have the kids in it in less than 30 seconds.  Definitely prefer the back carry over the front, just from the ease of being able to bend over and get things done.  It’s like I’m wearing a backpack. 
What is your biggest babywearing accomplishment?
I would say being able to completely landscape a plant bed while I carried a sleeping baby on my back.  Well it was only the final touches of the bed, but I thought it was amazing he stayed asleep for 2 hours as I shoveled rocks.
What has been your biggest struggle with babywearing?
Understanding how there are so many different carriers and different carries.  It’s overwhelming, really.  Oh, and the cost of some of these wraps.  Pretty sure my car cost less than some.

What do you want others to know about babywearing?
It’s easy and is enjoyable for you and your baby.  Your baby enjoys being close to you and you can be “hands free” allowing you to do anything you want.  Well, almost anything.

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