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Ask a VBE: Summer Babywearing

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The heat has arrived in Hampton Roads and a common question for our educators is, “what carrier do you recommend for summer babywearing?”  The answers can vary so much and it all comes down to personal preference. 

Here are some of our favorites!
What carriers have served you well in the heat & humidity?


I love linens. We wore an Oscha linen a lot last summer along with Didymos Petrol Vogels. Petrol Vogels had a nice cush for the shoulders while staying fairly thin and soft while our Oscha linen was thin and airy while still being strong and sturdy. I do think the 100% medium weight linen we purchased from Joann’s was so close in weight to Oscha’s linen and it would make an incredible DIY wrap for the summer.


I really enjoyed using a GypsyMama Bali Breeze gauze wrap during Klaw’s first summer. Gauze can be tricky because it takes some breaking in to become soft & floppy and it can dig into your shoulders with heavier babies/toddlers. However, it is one of the lightest, airiest fabric you’ll find for the summer heat.. I also like to use ring slings in the summertime. The trick is finding a balance between a lightweight, breathable fabric that has enough support for the size and weight of your child.


Luke and I both sweat A LOT. It is much easier to wash a sweaty wrap than a sweaty Kinderpack. Here is a pic of us at Bennett’s Creek park in Suffolk on a miserably hot day last August. Luke is up in a Double Hammock in a size 6 cotton wrap.


I like our DIY wrap for summer. It is 60/40 cotton linen and super lightweight but supportive for a toddler. It is a long 7. This is Jett and I at Ocean Breeze in a ruck.


I enjoy a light-med weight wrap during the summer time. This is a FWCC so only one layer is over us both but the support from the 100% cotton is still amazing for my big boy. In this picture we are leaving the beach and someone was very sleepy.


I prefer all cotton or a cotton linen blend wrap for summer if I’m using a wrap. I find a comfortable SSC just as cool however. For me, summer is really all about comfort because almost all carriers are going to be hot. I don’t think there is a ‘cool’ carrier -especially in the Southeast with all of the humidity.


I prefer a cotton/linen blend for the summer because they are comfy, breathable, and still supportive. This was at the the Big Latch On, which is ALWAYS miserably hot, but we were fine that day in our linen wrap that could easily be washed if it started singing, “We need the funk! We gotta have that funk!”


I don’t have any outside pics from last year but we lived in my 100% linen lewlewbelle. I love linen in the heat because it feels cooler. It doesn’t stick to your skin and the fibers breathe. Here’s one from the other day on our walk.

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