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Carry of the Month: Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry.

I’m so excited to share this stylish, one shoulder, front carry with you. Everyone is going to love it and it’s gonna be such a hit at the meetings. All of those squishy newborns we started seeing a few months ago are getting bigger and I can tell our no-longer-new wearers are getting bored with their FWCC‘s. This is gonna be perfect and just in time for summer as well. The funny thing about this carry is it’s really just a double hammock rebozo but baby is in front.

I believe I used a size 3 in this tutorial but a size 3 or 4 would be suitable for this carry. A size 5 would be a bit too long for this carry I believe. This carry can be used with all infants but just make sure to keep your basic babywearing safety tips in mind! Baby’s head is at kissable level, air ways are open and your carrier is nice and secure. If you have more questions about basic babywearing safety, feel free to email me or comment with any questions.

Start with the wrap in the middle. I’ve folded my wrap in half and with the two sides facing up at me. Tuck the middle of the wrap under your chin or gently hold it in your teeth. Then grab one side, making sure not to twist the wrap and bring it around your back, under your arm and over your other shoulder. Repeat on the other side.
Now I adjusted the wrap so I had a shorter side and a longer side. Both sides will stay over your shoulder while you adjusted but the side you’d like it to stay on will be shorter. I adjusted mine to stay at my waist which was just the right amount of length for me to tie my slip knot onto. Now I unfold my wrap. Make sure that when you unfold the wrap, the rail that is on the inside will come out. So for the horizontal pass, the rail closest to your body will come down. This creates a nice little pouch me and keeps the wrap super neat and tidy. You can see that when I pull on the green side of the wrap, it’ll adjust the bottom of the pouch in the horizontal pass against my body. I like to keep the bottom nice and tight so that when I slip my baby’s legs through it, I don’t have to worry about a lot of tightening while holding my baby.
 Now we’re going to add our baby.
Add baby by putting baby over your shoulder and sliding them in. Hold the top rail and glide it up baby’s back. When baby is about half way in, come under and reach for her toes to free them and then start to hammock baby in gently and tucking fabric between you to create a nice seat. Now to start pulling it tight around your baby. You’ll notice that when I pull on the rails, it’ll tighten the bottom and the top of the wrap. Make sure to get both top and bottom nice and snug.
Here’s where the one shoulder will come into play. You’re gonna take both sides of the wrap and bring them together in your hand in front of you. Now you’ll put the long side under your arm like I’m doing in the first picture of this sequence and then immediately grab it and pull it super tight to take out all of that slack from the back. Notice how I am holding onto the short side but also keeping a hold on my baby at the same time. This way I don’t create any slack in the wrap but also make sure my baby is safe and secure.
Now you’ll put the pass under baby’s leg and begin your slip knot or square knot. The slip knot really is ideal because you’ll be able to adjust the carry as you wear it but if you work with a wrap like I did in this tutorial, thick and super grippy, it may be kind of useless. A square knot is simply a double knot. After you’ve knotted the wrap, you can gather the fabric and make a nice support pass for your baby.
Here are some great shots of how to do a slip knot from our double hammock rebozo tutorial. You can always click on the image sequences to make them bigger.
TaDa!! Doesn’t this carry look amazing! I think one shoulder carries make me feel pretty stylish and the knot is kind of like a big bow!
We hope this helps and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time. 
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

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