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Ask a VBE: Babywearing after C-Section


Suzanne is one of our local accredited babywearing educators and is sharing her experiences with babywearing after a c-section. As always, please read our disclaimer.

You spend months learning all about newborn/infant babywearing and practicing new carries so you can bond with your sweet new baby. You have visions of wearing your baby as you leave the hospital. For whatever reason, your birth doesn’t go as you planned and you end up having a cesarean section. All is not lost, you don’t have to wait to wear your baby!

When my second son was born I ended up having a repeat c-section. I was nervous about wearing my son. However, with a very active three year old son I had to get over that quickly. I own several wraps, both DIY and wovens, several ring slings, a Moby, and a K’tan. I also own two soft structured carriers (SSCs) but they are toddler and preschool sized, so not applicable. I decided to use my experience to see how having a c-section impacts newborn wearing.
I first tried a ring sling the day after I came home from the hospital. Using my Natibaby ring sling in a tummy to tummy carry. I found it to be very comfortable to put baby in and to wear. The weight is distributed on your shoulder and no where near your incision. The impact on your core muscles for a baby so tiny is minimal to non-existent. I was able to wear my baby for at least an hour, although I could have worn him longer had other people not been clamoring to hold him.

Several days after being home I used the K’tan. The K’tan was comfortable. It required a little bit more effort to put baby into correctly but it wasn’t painful or hard. The hardest part for me was making sure the fabric wasn’t twisted. It also doesn’t go anywhere near the incision area so there is no discomfort and requires minimal use of your core muscles for a tiny baby. The weight was distributed evenly on both shoulders so it was extremely comfortable. I used both the kangaroo and hug carries and found them both to be comfortable. I was able to wear my son for many hours during the day as I cared for my older son.

The Moby and wraps I found to be the same so I will group them together. With my woven wrap I tried a front wrap cross carry and used the standard hug hold for the Moby. I found having to stretch behind me to grab the passes caused pain in my incision and stomach muscles. I also found wearing my newborn this way to be more uncomfortable. I am not quite sure if it was the strain of having to wrap and reach that made it uncomfortable or if it was the actual carry. I initially tried the wraps and Moby two weeks after my c-section. I tried again five weeks post c-section and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as my initial try.

As I stated earlier I did not try a SSC or soft structure carrier because I have toddler and preschool Kinderpacks and they are, of course, too large for a newborn baby.

As of this writing, I am five weeks postpartum I am experiencing no pain while wearing my infant regardless of the type of carrier. When wearing my three year old with our preschool Kinderpack, I experience no pain while wearing however I am sore the following day.

Newborn wearing in and of itself can be very challenging however wearing after a c-section introduces additional challenges that seem difficult to overcome but are well worth it once you figure out what works for you, your little one and your family.

Do you have experience babywearing after a c-section? What worked best for you? Please share in the comments!
The carriers mentioned in this post are personal carriers belonging to the writer.
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2 thoughts on “Ask a VBE: Babywearing after C-Section

  1. I also had a csection. It was my first baby and (obviously) first time wearing. I had a ring sling and the moby. I wore the ring sling at the hospital and from then on pretty much anytime we got out of the house. I started using the moby at about 3/4 weeks and it was comfy. No pain. It is possible to wear a baby after a csection!
    Thank you for your post OP.

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  2. Thank you for this informative and thoughtful article. I find myself in need of a c section in 2 months and was hoping I wouldnt have trouble! I have a sling and a Ktan so that is perfect 🙂 You made my night!

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