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Carry of the Month: Robin’s Hip Carry


Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. Hip carries should be demonstrated with infants with head control for new or inexperienced babywearers. 

If you came to March’s first Virginia Beach meeting, you got a sneak peak at this month’s carry! Robin’s hip carry is perfect if your baby is feeling anxious to see the world and all you have is your base size. Hip carries are an excellent alternative to facing your baby outward or doing a back carry. They’re also excellent for breastfeeding since you won’t have to do a lot of lowering and adjusting to get baby to the breast!

As I mentioned, you’ll just need your base size for this carry and your infant should have adequate head control if you’re just learning! For me, this is a size 6. Something I could easily finish in a size 5 with a smaller baby.

The carry starts out real simple. Start by place the middle of the wrap over your non-dominant shoulder. For me this is my left shoulder as I use my right hand to do most of the wrapping. Next you’ll bring the part of the wrap behind you around your waist. This is where you’ll be putting your baby!
You’ll lay the pass you just brought around you over the pass that lays over your shoulder. In the first photo, you’ll be picking up the pass that lays over your shoulder and flipping it over. Tighten it so the fold in the wrap lays at “broach position.” Broach is simply the area between the collar bone and above your breast. We recommend this position so you have plenty of area in the pouch to place your baby as well as for the wearer’s comfort. Now you’ll be working with the pass you just flipped over your shoulder. I stored this behind me, between my legs as you can see me I’m doing in the third photo. You can always enlarge these photos by clicking on them. 
Now that you have that pass secured between your legs behind you, you can really work with making the pouch perfect for your baby without loosening or moving that fold in the wrap. You can pretighten the pouch however you’d like. As you may have seen in our previous COTM’s, I use my arm as if it were my baby in the sling and I usually tighten the bottom rail (the bottom hem of the wrap) and keep it close to my body. This way when I put my baby into the wrap, half of my seat making is done! So I put my left hand under the pouch so I can grab my baby’s feet and slide them into the wrap while lifting the top rail up to baby’s shoulder with my right hand. Next you’ll tighten the wrap by pulling on the tail. Make sure the top and bottom rails are super tight so you don’t have any extra sagging in the wrap. 
Nearly finished now! You’ll just be bringing the passes back over baby’s back and reinforcing them. I do this by grabbing the rails and pulling the top of the wrap up to baby’s shoulder and down to baby’s knee covering her bottom. Simply put it under baby’s other leg. “Over and under,” is what I find myself saying often at meetings! You’ll do the same with the pass you have been storing between your legs. You’ll just bring it back over like in the third picture of this sequence and finish off like the first pass. 
Finally, double knot the two passes. That is your Robin’s Hip Carry! Super supportive because of the all the layers, a nice capped shoulder and easy to nurse in or even cuddlier for naps.
We hope this helps and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time. 
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

3 thoughts on “Carry of the Month: Robin’s Hip Carry

  1. Seems very easy! I need to try it soon.


  2. Is this a pop in pop out carry for quick ups and downs?


  3. Is this poppable for quick ups and downs?


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