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Ask a VBE: Babywearing Acronyms


It is really easy to get overwhelmed when you begin researching baby carriers. Veteran babywearers may sound like they are speaking a different language with all the many acronyms and nicknames for different babywearing terms. We hope this list helps you navigate the swaps, groups, and websites more easily. Leave us a comment if you find we’ve left something off of the list!

RS: Ring Sling
MT: Mei Tai
SSC: Soft Structured Carrier
HB: Half Buckle
FB: Full Buckle
WC: Wrap Conversion
WCMT: Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
WCRS: Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Brands & Vendors:
AP: Artipoppe
BH: BabyHawk
Broo: Bamberoo
DJ: Diaper Junction
Didy: Didymos
DC: Dream Carrier
EB: Earthy Bliss
Gira: Girasol
Hopp: Hoppediz
KP: KinderPack
LL: Lenny Lamb
MGG: Madame Goo Goo
MM: Marsupial Mamas
Nati: Natibaby
Obi: Obimama
Pax: PaxBaby
SBP: Sleeping Baby Productions
Storch: Storchenwiege
TMD: Two Mamas Design
Uppy: UppyMama
Vat: Vatanai

FWCC: Front wrap cross carry
FCC: Front cross carry
SCC: Short cross carry
T2T: Tummy to tummy
KH/KC: Kangaroo hold/carry
SFCC: Semi-front cross carry
PWCC: Pocket wrap cross carry
CC: Cradle carry
CCC: Cross cradle carry
HCC: Hip cross carry
PHC: Poppins hip carry
RHC: Robin’s hip carry
CHC: Coolest hip carry
CHCC: Coolest hip cross carry
BWCC: Back wrap cross carry
DH: Double hammock
SH: Single hammock
GBC: Giselle’s back carry
JBC: Jordan’s back carry
RTUB/ RUB: Ruck tied under bum
RTIF: Ruck tied in front
RRRR: Reinforced rear rebozo ruck 
WPBC: Wiggle-proof back carry
TC: Taiwanese carry
Other Carry Terms:
TUB: Tied under bum
TAS: Tied at shoulder
CB: Chest belt
TB/ TT: Tied Tibetan
CCCB: Candycane chest belt
TIF: Tied in front
FFO: Front facing out
Sites: [UK site) (NM)
GUC: Good Used Condition
VGUC: Very Good Used Condition
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
EEUC: Extremely Excellent Used Condition
BNIB: Brand New In Bag
FFS: Free For Shipping
PP: Paypal
PPD: Postage Paid Domestic

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  1. The answer to that is in here:

    (Linking because there are even more acronyms here too 😊)


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