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Get Carried Away: Babywearing Fashion

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There is a long list of reasons why I babywear.  It keeps my baby close and creates a secure bond, lets me have my hands free to complete other tasks and tend to my other child, and is more convenient than dealing with strollers.  Would you believe that another reason I wear my child is because it’s fashionable?  Woven wraps in any pattern and color combination you can think of and beautifully hand made mei tais and ring slings are tempting for anyone who is drawn to the aesthetically pleasing.  I’ve often compared my collection of carriers to women who collect purses or shoes, except this addiction is much more beneficial for me as a mother.  And who says we can’t get some extra enjoyment out of mothering?  Hey, just like putting on some lipstick or doing my hair can make me feel human again when I often struggle to find the time to take a shower, so can wrapping up my sweet baby in a beautiful piece of fabric.

I got the matching curse from my mother.  My mother is an incredibly stylish woman, but she is an over matcher.  Unable to break out of her box of neutrals, it’s not uncommon to see her in head to toe black.  I’m a little more advanced in my ability to put together different colors and patterns but I still have that little voice in my head that makes me matchy, too.  I have many times bought a wrap just because I know it will go with the colors of my wardrobe.  And I almost always pick a carrier to match my outfit when going out for the day.  I don’t have a large stash, but variety is my excuse for the amount I have.  And I’ve even been known to change it up depending on the season as my wardrobe changes, too.  Neutrals or wraps with a lot of colors like rainbows can be very versatile additions to your babywearing wardrobe.


We’ve all had special events like weddings or holiday parties where we’ve needed to conveniently wear our baby but don’t want to ruin our outfit.  Finding an elegant carrier to go with our dressy attire can save the day and can ensure that you’ll still feel fancy.  Whether it’s a bridesmaid’s dress or a little black dress, elegant colors and patterns or simple neutrals can go with the outfit for your special event.  I knew that when I was the matron of honor in my sister’s wedding that it would be a long day for my little guy and I would definitely need to wear him at some point.  A simple Black and White Leo went with my dress and allowed me to keep on dancing while I comforted my crabby boy.

 What about wearing your wrap as a piece of clothing?  A great way to use a short wrap or ring sling if you’re not using it to wear is to wrap it around your neck like a scarf.  Or why not make your beautiful wrap into a dress or skirt?  There are even many talented Work At Home Moms who specialize in turning woven wraps into accessories like bags and wallets, bracelets, or headbands.  Why not get some fun pieces to coordinate with your babywearing outfit?
So have some fun with your babywearing!  Get carried away in the luxurious fabrics and colors!  And the nice thing is that you don’t have to feel guilty since it’s helping you take care of your little one.  Function and fashion all in one! 

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