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Get Carried Away: Babywearing Safety Taught by Toddlers

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As an official Advanced Babywearing Educator for Babywearing International of Hampton Roads, I take safety very seriously. While babywearing helps us in our day to day life, helping us free our hands to do things we need to get done while tending to our children’s needs, there’s also a handful of things we should never do while babywearing. I started to think, “how can I find things you should never do while babywearing?” Hmm… Follow a toddler around! They do stuff you’re never supposed to do EVER all the time. Babywearing or not!

Our very first example; operating heavy machinery or a vehicle. 

Trudging through an obstacle course. What if you slipped and fell on your baby!

Going UP a slide! You could get pummeled by a child coming down!


Oh no! That does not mean you can go DOWN the slide while babywearing either!! 

And this… Whatever you want to refer to this as, don’t do it while babywearing!

Do not sit or lay back on your baby. 

No navigating through small spaces or areas! You could hit your baby’s head!
No nose-picking while babywearing. That’s just gross. 
However, we DO want you to love your baby and love babywearing as much as we do.

(Don’t worry, this post was just for laughs. We take babywearing safety seriously and encourage everyone to do the same. If you have questions about Babywearing Safety, please visit Babywearing International for more information.)

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