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Babywearer of the Month: Meet Hillary

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Today is the first day of International Babywearing Week, October 7-13, 2013. Babywearing groups all over will be hosting special events and activities to celebrate the tradition of babywearing and the theme “Get Carried Away.”

Babywearing International of Hampton Roads is hosting several local events all over the region to help get our members out in the public eye. We are also have special informative and, hopefully, entertaining blog posts scheduled for the whole week.

Get Carried Away with our Babywearer of the Month, Hillary!

Meet Hillary!
My name is Hillary. I am 24 and I have a sweet, vivacious, 17-month old toddler named River. I grew up in Chesapeake and bought a house here when I was 19. We love the Hampton Roads area and everything it has to offer young families.
I have been babywearing since River’s birth. It started with cloth diapers, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. These wonderful communities have so much overlap that it all just kind of fell in place naturally for me. We started wearing with an organic sleepy wrap and haven’t looked back since!
How has babywearing helped you or changed your life as a mom?
Babywearing has been a lifestyle choice for us. It allows me to parent in the way that I want while still being able to function in our mainstream world. I work full-time as a nanny and babywearing allows me to care for another family’s child and bring in a second income all while keeping my baby close and meeting his needs.
What is your favorite carrier (or carry) and why?
Right now, in the thick of toddlerhood, we are loving buckle carriers. I own two Kinderpacks and I use them daily. A quick click of the buckles lets me carry River, my diaper bag, and usually my lunch into work. Another superman toss and a quick click frees my hands to walk into Green Bean, the museum, the park, without trying to wrangle two toddlers and their stuff through the parking lot. They want down as soon as we enter our play place of the day and with another quick click they are off and running. We also own a few wraps and a wrap conversion ring sling that all have dutifully served their purpose on different legs of my parenting journey.
What is your biggest babywearing accomplishment?
I think back carriers qualify as my biggest accomplishment. They were absolutely life changing for me. I love the snuggles of a front carry but being able to toss a baby on your back for a nap and to have a full range of motion is a huge accomplishment.

What has been your biggest struggle with babywearing?
My biggest struggle has been thinning my stash. I’ve come to realize that I’m better as a babywearing minimalist but it’s hard to let go of carriers that hold so many sweet memories.
What do you want others to know about babywearing?
Babywearing is a learning curve. We all start out struggling to tighten our rails just right, get a deep enough seat, or getting those rings to lay just right. It’s a process and with practice and the support of this group you come out on the other end more knowledgeable, confident, and able to help others just like they helped me.
If you were going on a cruise to a tropical location, what carrier(s) would you bring and why?
If I’m going on a cruise I’m taking my autumn chevron Kinderpack because we’re going somewhere bright and tropical and I know my toddler will be up and down the entire trip.
Thank you for sharing with us Hillary!!

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