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Review of Girasol Twill Weave Handwoven Wraps

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Girasol is a company based out of Guatemala and Germany that weaves handwoven wraps that are diagonally weaved in two forms, transposed twill and diamond twill. Girasol makes some of the  prettiest rainbows & colorways out there in the market, Earthy Rainbow being my favorite. There are a lot of options out there to satisfy anyone’s taste and color preferences.

I will be gearing my attention towards a size 5 Girasol in the Earthy Rainbow (ER) colorway.  ER is a popular design of the exclusive Girasols collection. ER has a red weft with all the colors of a rainbow. It is soft and smooth, with very little texture, right out of the box. It only gets softer after a wash. This wrap is supportive but, like other Girasols, I find that after a certain weight of baby the wrap does tend to sag and cause digging in the shoulders. I’ll describe what carries I used with Easton at different ages and sizes.

Easton age 4-6 months, around 14lbs: I did Back Wrap Cross Carry  (BWCC),  Ruck Tied Tibetan and Front Wrap Cross Carry  (FWCC). I found this wrap to be amazing, beautiful, and soft just like a blanket. It only got better with wearing it and washing it, perfect for that newborn. It was supportive and comfortable. It is a thin-med weight. It is very moldable and the passes are easy to tighten so it also makes a great starter wrap for a new wrapper. The various rainbows & striped colorways have different colors at each rail, which helps you learn which rail is which and which needs to be tightened while wrapping.

Easton as a toddler, 3 ½, 35lbs : I did a Double Hammock (DH) and a Ruck Tied in the Front. I found this wrap, while still very beautiful, is just not a wrap that I would grab for toddler/preschool wearing. It did sag with his weight and did dig no matter how many tricks I tried. I sandwiched the shoulders and bunched the shoulders, neither felt comfortable to me at all.  I did find more support with the DH as there are more passes to support his weight. I would definitely recommend multi-pass carries if you want to use this wrap with a toddler as single pass carries may not provide the extra support you want with heavier babies.

I hope you enjoyed this review and have fun looking through some of the beauties that Girasol offers in the handwoven market!!!! There are many vendors who carry Girasol woven wraps, so they are fairly easy to find and the price is among the lowest in the handwoven market. If you’re interested in seeing some of the many colorways Girasol has released, check out Exclusive Girasol

Please remember that if you have any questions feel free to contact any of the VBEs from Babywearing International of Hampton Roads!!! 

One thought on “Review of Girasol Twill Weave Handwoven Wraps

  1. Hi! I have seen a lot of suggestions for using Osnaburg 100% cotton for DIY woven wraps. Have you used that?

    Mei Tai


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