Babywearing of Hampton Roads

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August Meeting

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The August meeting went smoothly despite being down six of our Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE). We had 35 Adults and 47 children come out to the Virginia Beach Public Library. Jilliane welcomed everyone and introduced the VBEs that were present as well as the training VBEs who came out to help.

Caitlyn discussed how successful the Portsmouth Big Latch On event was and quickly recapped the Newport News Big Latch On. Caitlyn then announced our need for extra VBEs. If you’re interested in becoming a VBE and have questions, feel free to email our education chair. She explained the process through written application and went to explain a bit about the skills assessment test. Caitlyn also announced the new Advanced Babywearing Educator (ABE) accreditation and encouraged the existing VBEs to apply.

Jilliane was happy to announce the additional meeting that will be held every month in the Newport News area of Hampton Roads. Going forward, Babywearing International of Hampton Roads will have two meetings per month, the second Saturday on the Peninsula & the Third Friday or Saturday on the southside..

Caitlyn performed the carry of the month, the double hammock rebozo. We answered several questions and had a lot of participation at this meeting. We then broke off into sections for more one on one instruction and had a very successful meeting with SIX new memberships!

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