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Carry Of the Month: Double Hammock traditional Sling finish

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. Ensure that your child has adequate head control for this carry. 

I know, I know! We’ve done a Double Hammock, Double Hammock Torso Variation and now this! I promise, after this we’ll be done with the double hammocking for a while! This is just a great carry for those short wraps. Multilayered, readjustable, supportive and easy. The one shoulder is super stylish and this tutorial will show you how to rock that slip knot which will be so helpful when you start to work with other carries like a classic traditional sling carry.

This one has taken me a lot of practice and I’ll be sure to share as many details as I can to help you become a master wrapper. I choose a size 4 because I need extra length for the slip knot tying mostly. If I were to do a square knot/double knot, I could potentially use less but the square knot seems somewhat uncomfortable on my chest. Most wrappers can easily use a size 3 otherwise. Don’t fret if this carry feels a bit low. Like our torso carry, it’s restricted to height because of the passes coming under your arms.

We’ll go ahead and start by referring to our Ruck post. As you may have noticed in previous posts, it’s our go to when it comes to showing how to put baby on your back and seating that wrap.

This carry starts with just enough length on one side to drape over your shoulder and touch your hip. You’ll seat your baby how you prefer. I like grabbing the top rails under my chin or lightly biting them in my teeth, reaching my hands between baby’s legs and pulling the fabric nice and taught and then pulling it up and allowing baby to “fall” into the wrap. You’ll be able to see this all in action in the video. The long side will come under your arm. Make sure to really grab that bottom rail and keep it tight without pulling it out of your seat. The bottom rail of this carry should be super snug. It’ll keep things feeling really secure.

To secure the shorter pass, since it may not reach your knees, just pull it tight over your shoulder and holding it in your neck with your chin. (As pictured in the first photo, second frame.) When I work with this carry, I always work with that top rail first. Spreading it across your chest and pulling as tight as you possibly can. I do this by pulling the slack directly under my arm pit and guiding it all the way to the outside. The goal is to get it as high up on baby’s back as possible and pulling. Now you’ll be working with the bottom rail. The only difference is you’ll want to guide it and make sure that it stays very well under baby’s bottom. 

Last bit of the wrapping part. After you’ll worked with the rails, pull directly in the middle on the wrap to pull out any slack so it molds perfectly to your chest. It should look just like the second frame in the photo.

Here’s the great slip knot tutorial. If you think about it this way, it’s as if you are tying a knot around the shoulder pass so that it slides. Bring the pass from under your arm over the shoulder pass and back around completely.

Now, pull the pass down back over top. Keep your hand exactly where you see mine. It’ll serve as a really nice guide when finishing the knot. You’ll pull the wrap back under the shoulder pass and here’s where you’ll finish. Bring the wrap back up to your hand and pull it through!

Voila! It should be pretty easy to see if you’ve gotten it right or wrong! Keep practicing if you are struggling. Try knotting with your baby and just having the wrap over your shoulder and under your arm and tie it a few times until you feel confident to do it quickly with baby on your back. To tighten the knot, hold the shoulder pass in your hand and slide the knot up with the other. Some wraps will be stubborn and may stick and grip and some wraps may slide super easily. You can grab the rails of shoulder pass to tighten up the corresponding parts of the wrap as well. For the wraps that are slippery and slide too much, just grab the tails and put a knot right into it. It’ll be a little bulky but it helps a lot.
Another tip to the slip knot: If you find that after you knot it and pull it up to tighten it that it’s up in your neck, try knotting it with as little slack from the pass coming under your arm as possible. This way that you’ll have less to pull up and tighten.

I used Rosie to demonstrate this carry as she’s a bit larger and seemed more appropriate for this carry but I hope these photos give you a good look at the Double Hammock  traditional Sling finish.
We hope this helps and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time. 
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

I also had to add these gorgeous photos of Suzanne wrapping her son in a handwoven when we were introducing the carry to our VBE’s!

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