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Carry of the Month: Double Hammock Back Carry

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. 

A lot of babywearers will tell you how much they love a double hammock. (DH for short.) Double hammock is made of a rebozo pass, a horizontal chest belt, and ruck style shoulder straps. It’s multilayered making it fabulous to support a heavier child or carry on for lengthy periods of time. It centers the weight to your chest so you aren’t using just your shoulders for support. It’s rather forgiving, not as much as say a BWCC but definitely helpful.

Some people take to this carry immediately as beginners however it really discouraged me when learning to wrap. I learned to wrap solo so I really had to figure what was going to be best for me on my own. I remember being very confused with all the steps and none of the tutorials worked for me so I decided to start with the simplest carry I could find which ended up being a ruck. I feel like the ruck made me a more proficient wrapper as it forced me to learn my seat, learn to tighten my top rail and work on perfecting my technique. It seemed that after I had that down, I could wrap anything. But I was so determined to learn this double hammock! I loved the way it looked and I knew it was toddler-worthy! I’m very excited to present this tutorial so I can show the techniques I taught myself so there’s less figuring out for you if something isn’t clicking with other tutorials you may have watched! This may help simplify the carry as well and take some of the guessing out of how to manipulate the wrap.

I used my base size which is a 6. I’m about a dress size 8/10 and a medium shirt size. Depending on the size of the child you’re wearing, you may go up or down a size. Carmen is nearly 3 years old and I am starting to up my base size because of her size. In this tutorial, I decided to show off the Didymos Geckos wrap we have in our lending library! I’m using the wrong side so it didn’t clash with my shirt but it’s 100% cotton and I’m very shocked at how supportive it is! I wore Carmen for a walk to the gas station one evening and it didn’t sag a tiny bit. I’d call “dibs!” if you are interested in lending from the library at our next meeting!

This carry starts with the wrap centered on your chest about 8-10″ from the middle marker. Put baby on your back and tuck your seat. If you have questions about getting baby on your back and how to tuck a seat, refer to our COTM post about the ruck! I always pretuck my weighted doll’s seat since she is so short and hip scoot her up there. The longer side will go under your arm and the short side will come over your shoulder. Plan ahead. Decide which side will be easiest for you to work with the wrap under your arm. We had an interesting discussion about left-handed and right-handed wrapping. I’m right-handed and bring the long side under my right side. Do what’s most comfortable for you.
Bring the wrap over your chest and tuck the side of the wrap from over your shoulder between your legs. Immediately start to work with the top rail. It’s important to pull as tight as you possibly can. Bring the wrap over your baby’s back. The goal is to reach that top rail as high on baby’s back as possible. This is probably the most difficult part of this carry. If you are having difficulties pulling it over baby’s butt, try swinging it like a jump rope and tightening the best you can. Pull that top rail from the other side.
Here’s a trick that I taught myself. It’s an extra step that I think a lot of tutorials completely miss out on! Grab the top rail from under your arm pit and you’ll notice a ton of slack. I remember thinking, “What? How did that get there?” Sneaky slack! Pull it as tight as you can and guide it to the other side and pull again! This one little step will make such a huge improvement. Now that you have the top rail nice and snug, quickly guide the bottom rail just like you did with the top rail. Go from under you arm and guide it along your body and baby’s. You can reinforce your seat here as well and slide some fabric between you and baby’s butt again.
Now gently pull it over your shoulder without lifting everything up! Now we’re going to finish off just like a ruck. You can reinforce these passes if you’d like but sometimes I think 4 layers can get really stuffy. You should now have both sides of the wrap over your shoulders. Take one at a time, specifically the one you were just working with for the horizontal chest pass and bring it over baby’s knee. A good way to keep the wrap in place is to overlap that outter pass just a little. You can see it in the second picture. Now bring it under baby’s other leg. Over and under, over and under! Repeat on the other side and tie at your waist!

Yay! Now you can see it from all angles and all side. I’ve mentioned this in other posts but my weighted dolls are always really low because when I do my tutorials I am wrapping, pausing, snapping a picture and wrapping again. They always sag when I take 10 minutes or longer to wrap so for this size of baby, she should be much closer to my shoulders and neck. 

We hope this helps and please do not be afraid to ask questions!
You can email questions to our Education chair at
Education (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time. 
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!


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