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Carrier Review: Pavo Textiles Procresco

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In addition to babywearing tips, meeting recaps, and other useful information, Babywearing International of Hampton Roads is going to provide carrier reviews on a regular basis to help familiarize our members and readers with different companies and types of carriers. These reviews do not constitute an endorsement by Babywearing International or its affiliates. If a member receives any compensation for providing a review, it will be stated clearly in the post.

~Pavo Tester Review~

Pavo Textiles is an up and coming US based wrap brand that I was blessed to try out and give my review of one of their many wraps. The Pavo mission “… is to provide heirloom quality wraps woven from the finest natural fibers available. Instead of outsourcing production to save on cost, we are dedicated to creating textiles that embody the tradition and history of American weaving.”

                                                          Procresco* 100% Cotton Review

I want to start by saying I am so eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to see, touch, try and yes, fall in love with this beautiful piece of art as part of a group of babywearers who were sent a tester wrap to try temporarily. Pavo Textiles told me earlier about the “Fiber Forward” aspect of this wrap and let me just tell you, it’s amazing, the shine, it just glistens in any type of light and the contrast helps this. The softness of it is beyond wonderful for a brand new wrap, there is no break in process and if there is, it will be very minimum with these fibers. The thickness is dead, spot on, not overly thick where it’s unmanageable and not super thin where it will not be a great wrap for all ages. The texture is also perfect, enough for it to grip and hold your carries.

Let me tell you about what and how we have worn this beauty so far.  A quick trip up to cuddle in a Ruck TT. It felt soft and wrapped great for that short amount of time. Let’s move forward to Saturday one of our crazy days, we went to a craft show at a local high school and walked around for about two hours where my son, E, rested nicely and also fell asleep in a Double Hammock. The wrapping qualities of this fits great with its look. It has the perfect amount of stretch to it but no sagging. It is thick and dense which makes it great for carrying a toddler (E is three-years-old and around 35 pounds) and yes he did feel weightless in the two hours that he was up there. The cush of it felt amazing on my shoulders and there was no digging, either.

After the craft show we went for a walk through the park to enjoy some of the sights, sounds, and smells.  Again, we were there for about two-and-a-half hours with E up most of the time for our walk, then a quick stop at the play ground until E fell in the mud and we had to call it a day. This time I did a Back Wrap Cross Carry with Ruck straps. No digging, no sagging, no readjusting needed, it was secure and very comfortable. I am very pleased with this wrap and yes, if given the chance, I would certainly purchase it for either E or an upcoming squishy.

Please check out PavoTextiles Blog and  Facebook page to see their up and coming work, follow them and watch them grow:

So keep your eyes open and watch out for a future Procresco release!!!!!                
*Procresco was subsequently released as “Penumbra Shadow” and quickly sold out due to incredibly high demand. We, at BWI of Hampton Roads, hope to see the Penumbra pattern released in more colors in the future.

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