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Carry of the Month: Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) – Part III (Hip Carry)

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Hip Carry 

Continuing our month of SSC carry options, we’ll talk talk about hip carry this week.   Did you miss front carry last week?  Check it out here.
This week, we are using an Ergo to demonstrate hip carry in a SSC.  
First, place the seat (body) of the carrier on your hip of choice and then clip the waist buckle around your body so it’s nice and secure.  Once it’s in place, get your baby/toddler and place them on your hip.  While holding your child, pull the strap that’s closer to the front of your body up and toss it over your shoulder.
 You may need to switch which arm is around your child at this point as you reach behind you to clip the strap on the opposite side of the carrier.  (See image below.)

The second strap that is towards your back will come across your body and around your waist to clip in the front (the clip most likely will end up on your side once you tighten).

Voila!  Hip carry in a SSC.
 Note: the strap will not sit on your shoulder and will be close to your neck.  This is normal and okay.  It’s not the most comfortable, BUT some SSCs can be used for hip carry and this is how it would be done.  Using your SSC in this way is likely not the ideal option for a long period of time, however it is nice to change it up a bit if you’re carrying your child for a longer duration and need to relieve pressure in other areas (i.e. both shoulders).  This carry can be done on either hip.  With a v-neck shirt, nursing would also be relatively easy in a hip carry.

We hope this helped and please do not be afraid to ask questions!You can email questions to our Education chair atEducation (at) BabywearingHamptonRoads (dot) Org any time.

Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

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