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May Meeting

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WOW! We had approximately 80 adults and children at our meeting on May 17, 2013!!! Thankfully, the Indian River Library has a space large enough to accommodate all of us!!!

Jilliane, the BWI of HR chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting, followed by Dana, the Outreach Chair, discussing membership to Babywearing International, Inc. Dana also mentioned that, due to increased need, we will be setting up a Hampton Roads Babywearing Swap group on Facebook so that we can keep our chatter group flowing smoothly. It should be up & running shortly after this post is published. You can find it linked within our local chatter group. The swap page will only be for members within the Hampton Roads region & immediate surrounding area.

This meeting marked the first time we were able to open our lending library to our members and Caitlyn was excited to share it with everyone. We have numerous carriers that will eventually be catalogued on this blog. More information will be discussed if/when you borrow a carrier, but there is a small fee for non-Babywearing International members and carriers can be borrowed from one meeting to the next.  The lending library was very popular and Babywearing International gained two more members!

Some carriers in our lending library

Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) have been the theme for May’s “Carry of the Month”, so Ginger took a different approach by using more than just one post to cover these types of carriers. Be on the lookout for a couple more posts this month.

There were a ton of SSCs at this months meeting, including the most prominent SSC brand in our local area – the Kinderpack, in its various styles.

Kinderpack Madness

Due to the rapidly growing number of babywearers attending our meetings, the BWI of HR board is discussing options to better serve our region with meetings & babywearing education in the future. Hopefully, we will be able to announce some exciting changes this summer.  Additionally, we want to increase the number of Volunteer Babywearing Educators(VBE) in Hampton Roads. To be a VBE, you must exhibit a proficiency in a variety of carriers and carries. Caitlyn will be hosting VBE Interest meetings in the near future. Please email our Education Chair if you are interested.

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